Back To School: 5 Ways To Make Sure That Your Students Are Safe This Year

When back to school season rolls around, most kids and teachers are concerned with items like lesson plans, new clothes, and classroom equipment. However, weather can also be a crucial component when it comes to student safety. As such, it’s imperative that both staff members and parents take precautions during certain weather conditions.

#1 Wearing the Right Clothing

Unfortunately, most children are more focused on fashion rather than function so many students will be ill-equipped for most environments. Forgetting to bring a jacket for the cold or wearing heavy clothes during the summer can have drastic consequences, so make sure that all students are dressed appropriately.

#2 Staying Dry in the Rain

As water evaporates, it absorbs and dissipates heat from our bodies. This is why sweat cools us off on a hot day. In the pouring rain, however, it can pose an even greater threat since it can lower body temperature drastically if students do not dry off, change clothes and get warm. Umbrellas and rain jacket are necessary for all wet conditions.

#3 Avoiding Outdoor Activity During Extreme Weather

Fortunately, you can easily get alerts regarding things like heat waves and snowstorms from places like WeatherSTEM and even the local school weather station. During such events, it’s important that students stay inside to minimize the risk of exposure.

#4 Mitigating Heat Exhaustion

This is more of a problem for student athletes than anyone else. Playing games during hot weather can lead to all kinds of health issues, particularly if the game is on a reflective surface like asphalt or Astro turf. These materials can increase the surface temperature drastically, making things even worse. Avoid games during intense heat waves and allow players to cool off and hydrate as much as possible.

#5 Teaching Health and Safety

Overall, it’s important for students to learn the warning signs of various weather-related health issues, such as heat exhaustion, frostbite, and hypothermia. The more that you can teach students about recognizing and solving these problems, the safer they will be.

In the end, education is the most important strategy to ensure that all students stay safe throughout the school year.

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