Knoxville’s Tellico Village: An Inviting Community for the Retired

When we retire, we still want to feel part of the community. Tellico Village homes for sale offer the perfect opportunity to achieve this.

So, let us consider just what Tellico Village has to offer its residents. 

View and Location

As a location, Tellico Village is easy to access. Nobody desires to be tucked away in the middle of nowhere and be cut off from the rest of the outside world. Particularly when we are older.

In terms of view, there are some picturesque lakes to enjoy in different ways other than just looking at them, not to mention the Smoky Mountains.

Between early May and Late September, residents can enjoy swimming in Tellico Lake. Not only swimming but paddleboarding, water skiing, and tubing. You are never too old to take up these activities. Particularly if you have retired early for an idyllic life of leisure that still contains a degree of activity to keep you fit and healthy.

The Great Smoky Mountains are a range of mountains in the south-eastern United States that rise along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. They are a part of the Blue Ridge Physiographic Provence and subrange of the Appalachian Mountains. At 2,205 m, they make a wonderful sight and are something to marvel at every morning.

Sense of Community

Village life is different from what is experienced in towns and cities. You have that sense of a close-knit community all wanting to help each other live a more leisurely life. You have worked hard for this and Tellico Village is certainly one of those places where you can enjoy your time in later years.


As the largest of over 55 communities in Tennessee, lots of facilities are on offer at Tellico Village community for those who have retired but still want to maintain an active life. It is what our doctor would order for us.

Among the many activities possible, you have the water activities as mentioned, boating and fishing. The lake provides a wonderful facility because it is clean and has clear waters. The Yacht Club and choice of 5 different marinas are bound to appeal to those who like the water. There is even a Country Club to relax in and feel part of the community. With just the water-based activities on offer, you will have plenty to talk about with others. These daily conversations will be with like-minded people who are also enjoying the retirement that they have worked hard to save up for.

For those who prefer land, there are no fewer than three golf courses to enjoy in your retirement here. So, you can think tee as well as a cup of tea if you move to Tellico Village to serve out your retiring years. There is also access to Chota Recreation Center and some hiking trails to enjoy. You will now remember why you have kept yourself fit. It is to enjoy your retirement years at places like Tellico Village. The recreation center will entice you with sports that are good for your cardiovascular health, such as tennis and badminton. Even those less energetic can enjoy the surroundings and playing bridge. This will keep the mind active as well as the body.

To help keep you fit enough to continue playing and enjoying the sports, a fitness classroom is on-site at the recreation center.

Your children and grandchildren will think that Tellico Village is a wonderful place too because there is a kid’s play area. There is nothing like the sight of watching children and your relatives play to keep us thinking and feeling young.

What is not to love about Tellico Village in Knoxville, Tennessee?

So, if you want to know even more about the village, follow the top link for further details. Tellico Village is one that anyone could feel at home living in. There are all the activities to enjoy, not to mention the sense of community and the spirit everyone has that keeps everyone going and enjoying life. Enjoyment is something to be experienced, and there is no doubt that Tellico Village provides something special that we could only have dreamed of when we started to plan for our retirement.

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