How to start Aloe Vera Farming business ?

How to start Aloe Vera Farming business

The concept of organic farming is increasing at a breakneck pace these days. Most of the people are now moving towards the natural means to get rid of various diseases. If you are looking for starting up your own business or trade, Aloe Vera farming business is one of the best options going to provide you with full results in future. Aloe Vera is one of the best sources of minerals, vitamins and also serves as a great antibiotic and antifungal medicine too.

So if you are planning for starting up your career as Aloe Vera farming business, it is going to be a massive opportunity for you. You only have to take care of a few things, and you will be there at the top of profits. Hope the mentioned below stuff would be helpful to gather more information in starting aloe vera farming business.

Selection of plants: Selection of the Aloe Vera plants that you are going to cultivate is one of the whole things that you need to take care about. Varieties of Aloe Vera are vast, but only a fewer one of them is perfect as per commercial arena. Selecting a plant that fits well to the climate of your area and soil is one of the most important things that you can do with the help of professionalisms. Moreover, if you want more details related to different varieties of Aloe Vera, you can also concern with National Botanical and Plant Genetic Resources with ICAR for the same as well.

Loan Facility: Almost every startup business needs the pretty sum of investments to make it, it can be smaller as well as the bigger one as well. You can do nothing in your business, if you are not efficient to handle the burdens of your business. Therefore, making it much easier for you, you can take help of governmental or semi-governmental financial bodies for further finances. While seeking for the loan facility, don’t forget to estimate your budget and requirements and also do thorough research for the financial institution from which you are going to take a loan of.

Analysis of Climatic Conditions: It is another one of the most important aspects that you need to take care about while starting up your Aloe Vera farming business. As we have discussed you prior that the varieties of Aloe Vera plant are huge and hence each one needs different climatic conditions as well. You are not supposed to grow the dry climatic Aloe Vera plants into the humid conditions. The annual rainfall required for the perfect growth of commercial Aloe Vera plants is from 50 mm to 300 mm. most of the Aloe Vera plants are not supposed to bear cool frost conditions, so plant accordingly.

Land Selection: Selection of the land is another one of the most critical aspects that you need to take care of while planting the Aloe Vera plants. You don’t need to have a full area for the initial stage of the plantation. Moreover, the soil at which you are planning it to grow needs to be sandy or loamy as well. For black cotton soil is one of the highly suitable grounds for growing plants on commercial stage, whereas we don’t prefer you to plant plants in soil rich in potassium and sodium salts.

Land Preparation: Just like other farming businesses, it is one of the first and foremost things that you need to do before starting with the plantation process. It is perfect to schedule your plantation process before monsoons

Aloe Vera Propagation: As you may be familiar to the fact that the Aloe Vera plants do not contain product seeds, therefore if you want to be done with the Aloe Vera farming business, you need to propagate plants directly to the soil. We prefer you to select the baby plants growing along with the parent plant carefully. These are the offshoots that are known as Aloe Pups. These Aloe Pups further gave rise to the new well-working plant in the future by developing their root and shoot system. Before detaching it from the central plant, scrutinize it and choose the ideal place to do, so that you could not cause any harm to the parent or the baby plant.

Protection of plants: It is one of the most important things that we need to take care of in every kind of farming. Plants have to face different enemies, whether we talk about weeds, pets or other ones, they need to be protected by everyone to ensure good overall growth. Various pesticides and weedices have been developed now, depending upon the crop need, so you can easily choose the one that goes perfectly with the Aloe Vera plant and makes your plants healthier.

Plants harvesting: Once the crop has been fully grown, it is the perfect time to harvest them. You need to wait for eight months to get the crop of Aloe Vera. It is one of the most beautiful crops that you can harvest thrice in a year. Once done, you can select the fleshy and thick leave and take them off from the plants to be used in different procedures. Just like wheat and paddy plants, you can’t suppose to use various tools and techniques for harvesting this crop, you have to do it manually only.

Pricing: Once you have done with the process of Aloe Vera harvesting, it is one of the perfect times to sell them in the market and gets efficient profit from them. The number of buyers in the market is high, as some pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and herbal products are being prepared by the usage of Aloe Vera plants. So being an Aloe Vera farmer, you need to contact the different companies seeking for the plants and discuss the pricing and profit margins of yours. There are various online e-commerce sites as well where you can sell your Aloe Vera plants online as well. Moreover, you can also sell them on your website as well to remain prevented from the presence of intermediaries as well.

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