How to Market Your Small Business

For many entrepreneurs who run small businesses, it can be challenging to advertise and market effectively, particularly on a limited budget. Marketing is crucial to the success of your business, since no business can survive without clients. Read on to discover three great ways to market your small business. If you have the ability to consult with a marketing professional, like Eyal Gutentag, consider doing so in order to gain the best possible insights.

How to Market Your Small Business

Partner With Local Organizations

It will be easier for potential clients to begin to trust you if you associate your business with a well known local organization. If you own a restaurant, for example, consider hosting a dine out fundraiser to benefit a local school or charity. If you own a jewelry store, you could reach out to the owner of a larger business about setting up a small table or booth within their storefront.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

The term “elevator pitch” refers to the amount of time you would have to talk to a potential new investor or client whom you were to meet in an elevator. You should be able to explain who you are, what your business does, and why someone should want to invest in your business or become your client in two minutes or less. Write out some bullet points and practice giving your elevator pitch so that you are prepared when an opportunity presents itself.

Use Social Media

If you don’t have them already, create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for your business, and invite your network to “like” and follow you. As you gain followers and people begin to respond to your content, you will begin to reach a wider audience. Social media has the advantage of being free or low cost, since you have the option of promoting certain posts in order to target even more potential clients or investors.

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