Essential Fire Safety Measures You Should Have in Your Premises

Fire is one of the most destructive and costly disasters that can hit a building. Fires not only cause physical damages and financial losses; they can also cause severe injuries and claim lives. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the U.S Fire department responds to hundreds of thousands of fires every year; fires that claim thousands of lives and leave thousands more with serious injuries.

Fire safety should be a major consideration in the design of a building and the setup of a workplace or production facility. Here are some of the crucial measures that every building manager should implement in preparedness for fire hazards. 

Detection and Alarm Systems

Every room and hallway should have functional smoke and fire detectors that trigger early warning alarms whenever a small fire breaks out. Most building codes require the installation of automatic smoke and heat detectors. However, it’s the building manager’s responsibility to ensure that these systems are well-maintained and dependable.

Accessible Fire Retardants and Suppressors

Fire suppression equipment like fire extinguishers and water hoses should be easily accessible to all occupants of the building. Again, it’s the responsibility of the building’s manager to make sure that fire suppressors work properly on demand. It’s essential to hire fire extinguisher inspections NYC services regularly to examine, and replace damaged or unusable fire extinguishers.

Clearly Fire Escape Routes and Procedures

Most building codes, including both commercial and residential construction standards, require buildings to have a dedicated fire escape route and exit. The route should be obstacle-free and clearly marked to guide building resident to the nearest fire exit in the event of a fire. Besides that, the building should also be easily accessible to firefighters.

Fire hazard preparedness also entails educating the residents on what to do in the event of a fire. Conduct fire drills so that the resident can practice safety procedures and guideline to avoid injuries and fatalities during a real fire.

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