3 Popular Flavors Of Ice Cream

It’s rare to meet anyone here in America that doesn’t like ice cream. Ice cream has steady sales which back up the point that it is one of our soceity’s favorite foods. But which flavors are the best according to the general population? Here are the top 3 flavors of ice cream.

3 Popular Flavors Of Ice Cream


The top selling ice cream flavor is that of Vanilla. Vanilla is simple and can go with almost every other flavor as a base. Because of that, filling machines and equipment make many different sizes of vanilla ice cream cartons to service any quantity amount of vanilla ice cream that a person can dream of.

If you love vanilla ice cream, you and the rest of humanity are on the same page of loving this delicious flavor that can be topped with whipped cream and fudge sauce as well as anything else you can think of.


Coming in at a close 2nd is that of chocolate ice cream. Much like vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream is very versatile and can be used to compliment many other flavors. Chocolate ice cream can be very rich or very light depending on taste preference. This flavor is often eaten by itself, or is dressed up in a sundae for ultimate deliciousness.

Cookies & Cream

The third most popular ice cream flavor is that of cookies & cream. While this ice cream uses vanilla as its base, it has chunks of cookies in it to keep it from being boring. These cookies are typically oreo like and crumble easily instead of having a chewy consistency.  Many people top this ice cream with caramel or peanut butter sauce to give it some extra kick

Well there you have it, the three most popular flavors of ice cream. Now go to your local ice cream shop and enjoy one of these amazing flavors.

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