Hidden Costs In Your Home

Is your home costing you more money than you think? There are many ways that small problems in the home can add up to big unexpected costs. To the inexperienced eye, these problems might be invisible, but they’ll still cost you big bucks if you don’t fix them quickly.

Heat Rises

Heat in the winter can get expensive, but most people are willing to pay the cost just to stay warm and keep their pipes from freezing – it’s a necessity. You can’t avoid paying for heat, but could you be paying more than necessary?

If a house is poorly insulated, the heat leaks out and more fuel is needed to bring it up to the temperature the thermostat is set to. This can lead to very high bills at the end of the month. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be that way. A properly insulated house will hold heat inside, making it cost less to maintain a comfortable temperature.  Invest in having your home insulated now and save much more later on.

Pipe Pitfalls

A leaking pipe in your home could be costing you a lot. Many leaks, especially ones under concrete or in low-traffic areas, go unnoticed. Sometimes homeowners let leaks continue, thinking it will be cheaper to ignore it than to fix it.


However, a leaking pipe could be letting out gallons of water per day, raising the cost of your water bill. These costs add up over time, and a cracked or damaged pipe is likely to keep getting worse, especially in cold weather. Once again, this is an investment worth making – spending a chunk of money to fix a broken pipe is better than letting your money leak away a little at a time!

A broken pipe could also cost much more than the price of fixing it. If a leak goes on too long, it could lead to much more serious problems, not easily fixed by a well-placed bucket…

A Strong Foundation

The foundation of your house is what keeps it stable and strong. Many homes are built on a stable concrete base. What many people don’t know is that concrete is not fail-proof. Leaks from your sewage system can corrode the concrete or even freeze in the stone, expanding and weakening the foundation as a whole.

Make sure to have your plumber or contractor check for leaks regularly. What begins as a damp spot in the basement could turn into a costly repair job, possibly even damaging the very ground that your house is built on. Be prepared by waterproofing before it becomes a problem.

All of these problems may seem minor, but by following these tips, you can avoid unnecessary costs on your heat and water bills. These small fixes add up over time, saving you a ton of money and effort in the long run.

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