Automation Services: The Innovative Way to Leverage Instagram Numbers

It was initially a trendy iOS-only app but Instagram has now come of age. According to DMR, there are now 400 million active users and more than 75 million daily users. The percentage of all internet users active on Instagram according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is 20%. In the U.S alone, there are 77.6 million users and this number, according to eMarketer, is expected to grow to 111.6 million by 2019.

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Power of Numbers 

Considering the social platform was just launched in 2010, this has been an amazing journey. Today, Instagram is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store. As an Instagram user, you appreciate the power of numbers and if you are in business, there is no reason you should not leverage the power of these numbers. Businesses running a company Instagram page look to leverage these user numbers so much that they might even look to growth agencies similar to the likes you can find at and elsewhere online. The competitiveness to achieve a high number of followers, to create and bolster brand awareness is a journey that will be neverending for a business that wants to stay operating long into the future.

The beauty of using this photo-sharing platform is the fact that it gives you an incredible chance to engage actively with relevant target customers. Say for instance, you have a confectionary store in Miami and you want to beat the competition. You can post your ingeniously designed gift cakes on Instagram and include tags that will attract relevant users to like and follow your shop. With time, these followers will become your buyers.

Banking on Versatility

But there is more when it comes to taking advantage of the social platform. It doesn’t only have to do with nice product photos. Some of the most appealing photos on the platform have to do with design. There are amazing designs ideas found on Instagram and you can bet these designers are getting many likes and follows.

Essentially, anyone can use the platform to put forward a visual statement of what they can do. Indeed, the platform was initially used just to share social moments and you can incorporate such to captivate your customers. For instance a corporate body can pin photos of their team building activities under a popular hashtag to invite loyal customers to interact more intimately with the brand.

Instagram as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

So, are you still wondering how you can showcase your creative ideas online? Well, with Instagram you have a marketing tool that is unrivalled.  Some of the practical benefits your brand will enjoy include:

  • Higher visibility: The fact that visuals are used makes it easier for your brand to get recognition. For instance, a product launch is better appreciated on Instagram than when a press release is used.
  • High levels of engagement: Internet users love pictures and you just have to look at the popularity of sites such as Tumblr among others to appreciate. There will be more follows and likes for your content on Instagram as opposed to other social media tools.
  • Targeted marketing: With over 3.2 billion users online, you need to target a specific niche if at all your marketing campaign will make a mark. This is exactly what Instagram tags allow you to do by narrowing down on the location and niche market. For instance, your restaurant in New York can use tags such as #bestfoodNYC and #delicacyNYC among others to get the required interest from viewers.
  • Quality traffic: If you want quality traffic to your site, then start posting the right photos on Instagram and sharing them on other social media platforms. By mentioning your website or using a call to action on your caption, you will have more people landing on your business website.

There are many other benefits of using Instagram. It is not only fun but it ensures you stay connected with anyone who shows an interest in your brand.

Getting the Most out Instagram with Automation Services

While it is obvious that you want to capitalize on the over 300 million Instagram users, the reality is quite another story. There are millions of inactive accounts whose users have given up because there are no followers. As an Instagram user, you appreciate the frustration one goes through trying to get noticed.

If there are no likes and follows, then your account is as good as dead. To avoid this pitfall, you need to leverage the power of automation Services. Instamacro is one of the most outstanding services available and for many good reasons. The dashboard automates everything for you which meaning you are able to concentrate on the core business without neglecting your Instagram account.

One of the most daunting aspects in managing your account is of course getting time to keep your followers engaged. Indeed, you also have to remain active by liking and following other users’ posts. By reciprocating, you have higher chances of getting more follows when you post new photos.

An automation service also works by following real people who are relevant to your niche. This is not your usual like bots that are prevalent online. Similarly, this is not the same as buying likes which most Instagram users have tried with devastating results.

This is a premium service that helps you to gain real followers whom you can interact with even after the contract runs out. The professional platform is designed to meet your professional needs.  This thinking behind the system is to enable you to have an account you can monitor to see what is happening on your Instagram account. However, you will never have to lose any sleep about missing out on any action because the automated like, follow and unfollow system is working in the background.

Why should you opt for an automated service while there are other ways of doing it? Unless you want to lose your Instagram account after working so hard, never try tools that promise overnight success.  To gain visibility, a lot of work has to be done and by automating you will be complementing the efforts you have made in gaining your followers.

Forged followers add no value eventually because they will never translate to sales. Indeed, most of them will remain inactive which makes no sense if you are trying to engage users.  By getting people who are interested in your gallery through automated like and follow services, you will be enhancing your account’s visibility.

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