Love Working With Numbers? Consider A Job In The Following

Love Working With Numbers? Consider A Job In The Following

When it comes to their career, some people flourish in a highly creative setting. Others enjoy working with the general public or children. There are some, however, who love to work with numbers. People who like to work with numbers are gifted at problem solving and coming up with practical solutions. There are many different fields in which a person who is good with numbers could thrive and today, we are going to look at a few of those options:


Going into the field of finance, of course, is an obvious one for those who love numbers, but it is always worth mentioning as it provides a very stable career. Businesses and people, alike, are always going to need help with their money. Banking and finance can be a highly satisfying career choice and provides a setting where talking in numbers is the norm. Jobs in accounting and taxes will give you a similar setting too. You will be solving different problems daily, which helps keep a job from becoming monotonous. There are also several different routes you can take with banking from retail and private to even learning how to become an investment banker.


A lot of jobs that involve numbers can be really impersonal and if you still love working with people, a career in teaching math might be right for you. Teaching gives the opportunity for your class to see the subject in a totally different light and you could be the person that has finally made math “click” for a student that is having a tough time. A career in teaching will give you a set schedule and is extremely rewarding.


The field of engineering uses both math and science as the basis to help build or design new things and can be an excellent option if you also have a creative side. Engineers address problems and use modern knowledge and technology to come up with and provide better solutions. Your love of math and a good challenge has the opportunity to meld with creativity in your designs and ideas in an engineering job.

Store Management:

There is something to be said for the amount of math that comes into play when you are a store manager. Managers of a business are in charge of everything when it comes to making the employee schedule, assigning their tasks as well as ensuring that the store is making money and achieving target goals. There is, often, no additional schooling that comes with a store management position and it is a job that gives you the opportunity for growth within the company.

Real Estate Agent:

Becoming a real estate agent is not only a highly creative job but it includes a fair amount of math. A good real estate agent is personable to their clients and attentive to their needs but also skilled in the math behind selling or buying a home. You will be managing a lot of different budgets and negotiations and so being confident with numbers has the potential to help your clients save or make some money in the process. It will also give you the chance to work in a field that is competitive and quite social.

As you can see, you have lots of career choices in several exciting fields to pick from if you love to work with numbers. You also can put your skills to use in more creative settings like teaching or real estate. Whichever route you take, your new career should come with the potential to be longstanding and provide adequate income, all while incorporating a skill that you enjoy.

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