How to Put Aside Money So You Can Take Control of Your Drug Problem

How to Put Aside Money So You Can Take Control of Your Drug Problem

Drugs are a very real problem in this world and it’s the cartels and other pedlars of the product that are making a ridiculous sum off of the trade and harming other people while they’re at it with no care of the repercussions and what they mean to the world around them. Drugs rape people of their money, but they do so much more than that. They kill, steal, and destroy lives. Not just the lives of the people involved in the drugs.

They destroy the lives of those who are around the problem, as well. If you’re an addict who is struggling to take control of your life, it’s understandable that much of the concern stems from money and having enough to afford treatment. If you’re serious about seeking health and healing, here are some ways you can put aside money so that you can take control of your drug problem:

Ask Friends or Family to Manage An Account For You

It’s going to be tempting to spend your treatment money elsewhere, so to help you reach your goal to be able to financially afford treatment, ask that a friend or family member and somebody that you trust will manage a savings account for you. Set it up where every week you give them a certain amount of money that they then put in a fund. Since they have access to the account, you won’t be able to spend the money on anything but treatment. It’s a great way to take control, but also take control out of your own hands if you know you can’t trust yourself to not spend money.

Show How Serious You Are And Find A Sponsor

There are many good hearted people out there who would love to help people like you. You obviously have to show that you’re serious about seeking treatment, but if it’s a matter of money that is stopping you from getting help, put together a plan to show people how committed you are to treatment and they might just be moved to compassion by your story and offer to sponsor you on your journey to recovery. A great place to find a sponsor would be at a Hollywood alcoholics anonymous meeting.

Reappropriate Your Spending

When you’re an addict, the bulk of your money will often go to pay for your addiction, but if you really want to get help, all it’s going to take is a bit of reappropriation of your spending. Obviously not buying the drugs will save you a lot of money, but in this time, if you physically can’t stop, check out other ways you can rearrange your spending so that you can have enough money to seek treatment. Cut back on the coffee, or sell your car and take the bus everywhere.

It’s going to mean that your lifestyle changes a bit, but for your long term health, it’s a sacrifice that is worth making a hundred times over.

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