3 Things To Do if a Loved One is Arrested

When someone you love is arrested, it can be quite stressful and can make you feel helpless. Here are some things that you can do as soon as the arrest occurs to be as helpful as possible.

3 Things To Do if a Loved One is Arrested

Learn the Details Regarding Bail

One of the first things to do when someone is arrested is to find out all of the details about their arrest, including whether or not paying bail is an option. Typically, bail is an option unless your loved one has committed a murder, treason, or a narcotics offense in some cases. If you are able to pay the bail amount out of pocket, you can do so and free your friend from jail until their trial date.

Contact a Bondsman if Necessary

If bail is an option but the amount is too high to pay out of pocket, contact a bondsman Scranton PA to help you cover the costs. You will usually pay a bondsman about 10% of the set bail amount, and they will cover the rest. As long as your friend makes it to their court date and does not cause any trouble when they are out of jail, you are only responsible for the money that you put down initially. However, if they misbehave or skip court, any collateral that you have put up for them may be forfeited.

 Hire a Lawyer

Your loved one will likely be assigned a public defender to help them at their hearing, but sometimes, hiring a lawyer ensures that they have the best chance at a fair trial. An experienced lawyer will understand the law and can guide your friend through the legal proceedings. Some cases may not go in their favor and so you may want to consider following it up with an appeal. If you or a friend finds themselves in this situation, reaching out to an Appellate Attorney  may be something high on your agenda

When someone you care about has been arrested, it can literally feel like their life is in your hands. Follow these tips to give them the best odds for success.

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