What If You are In A Boat Accident in White Plains ?

Being 7 miles east of the Hudson River, White Plains is the best place to pursue recreational boating, from canoeing, sailboats to kayaking. With the new Brianna’s law, making an on-time test mandatory for boaters, this water recreation is much safer now. However, if running out of luck, you might end up getting injured.

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Last year, there were 16 boating accidents reported in Westchester, particularly from White Plains, with seven on the Hudson River. The state also witnessed nearly 170 cases of recreational boating accidents, out of which about 20 were fatal. 

If you find yourself amidst a freaky boating accident in White Plains, it is best to hire an experienced lawyer for a plausible legal representation. A diligent White Plains personal injury attorney will offer the much-needed legal advice and share an instinctive sympathy, ensuring you the best remunerations. 

White Plains Boating Law

When you are in the waters, while spending a pleasant time in White Plains, you are sure to notice teenagers handling personal watercraft boats, all by themselves. 

Don’t be surprised, since the New York state laws make kids from 12 and above eligible to operate boats, provided they have undergone adequate training.

Top Reasons for Boating Accidents in White Plains

The leading causes for boating accidents in White Plains include distracted while operating the vessel and driver inexperience. The other reasons cited are hazardous waters, boating under the influence, mechanical failures and over speeding.

The state recently reported 59 deaths while operating boats in an intoxicated state and 26 because of not wearing a life jacket. And White Plains is no exception, showing similar trends in 2018, claiming the majority of cases out of 24 reported in Westchester.

Boating Accident Compensations in White Plains

If involved in a boating accident in White Plains, you can claim remunerations for medical bills, property damage and possible disability.

Under federal law, the boat owner should report the boating accident to the concerned legal authorities if the incurred damages are worth at least $2,000. And a skilled White Plains personal injury attorney will use the circumstances in your favor, compensating for your losses.

Statute of Limitations

White Plains adheres to the New York state laws, which allow you to file your lawsuit within three years from your boating accident.

Efficiently utilizing the three years is crucial since you get sufficient time to investigate and collect the necessary evidence related to your case. Your trusted lawyer will thoughtfully use these proofs, ensuring you register a confirmed win. 

Proving Fault in Boat Accident Cases

White Plains is home to many recreational boaters, who love the excitement the New York’s waterways offer. Unfortunately, nearly 10% of all boating accidents involving fatalities occur on vessels smaller than 26 feet. 

Whether it’s the boat operator or a co-passenger, it’s not easy to make the defaulters entirely responsible. They might try blaming you for the accident. Since New York state law dictates that all liable parties should share the financial obligation for a boating accident, you will need to lawyer up.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

As per the New York state law, once you hire a lawyer in White Plains, they will collect all the relevant records, like your medical bills and insurance policy details.

In White Plains, the state law permits certain valid proofs, including security cameras and dashcam footage. A smart attorney will look for such pieces of evidence to build your case for viable compensation.

If your attorney is ingenious, you can get the defaulters for outside court negotiations. And if required, your lawyer will represent you in the court of law to bring you the maximum remunerations.

As of January 1, 2020, you need a boating safety certificate in White Plains to operate motorized vessels if born on or after January 1, 1993. Consult a lawyer in the case of a boating accident, to win the entitled remunerations and enjoy your future boating experiences in The Birthplace of New York.


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