Tips To Making A Little More Money With Your Stuff

Stuff can mean a whole lot of things. It doesn’t matter if the stuff you are selling is your old junk on Ebay that you just don’t want anymore, or if you are a retailer selling all kinds of stuff. There are just some ways to get your stuff sold.

Obviously certain things that you sell will be more appropriate in certain areas, such as selling crafts on Etsy, or selling books on Amazon. However, these tips are things you can integrate into whatever sales channel you us in order to get more sold!

Get It Online

There are many ways to buy and sell online. Some make you more money than others, and some may get you scammed. It all depends on what you’re selling and how careful you are.

If you don’t mind the bidding type of sales the Ebay is a good choice, especially for electronics and collectibles. You can also do set price sales if you’re worried about not getting enough money out of your item.

Craig’s List is a good place to sell stuff local, but beware of scammers. If someone offers you more than what you are asking or wants to mail a personal check and have you send money back, just say no and move on.

Many businesses use sites like Ebay and Amazon to extend their online sales. You can also use social media, like Facebook, to reach out to more people with your items, whatever they may be.

Pay Attention To Holidays

Once you’ve got your stuff out there for sale, pay attention to the holidays that are coming up and use them to your advantage. Jakob Marketing Partners, an expert advertising agency, says that you should advertise your items for holidays. Tell viewers that it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift, or excellent for a graduation gift.

People spend a lot of time online looking for just the right gift, and if you point out that this one is it, you may have a better chance of getting some sales.

Get Social

As previously mentioned, Facebook is a good place to sell stuff. Don’t just put up a sales post and forget about it though. Do some promotions. Post on yard sale or craft groups, ask your friends to share.

If you are a business you can run a sponsored ad for your item as well. Anything to bring attention to your item, craft or skills is going to help you make sales in the long run. People want to see what they might be buying.

Have A Sale

Make current customers happy or attract new customers with coupons and discounts. People love to get a good deal and they love bargains. There are many ways to offer deals that your customers will eat up.

Even online mediums like Etsy offer a discount code generation. You could also mark your items “clearance” or “discounted” if you are using a platform that doesn’t allow coupons.

With these few tips you are sure to attract some more sales and possibly even some new customers.

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