What should you know about Django


Written in Python language, Django is one of the most popular and high-level frameworks that are used for quick, performance oriented, systematic and highly pragmatic web app development. If you have to draw a comparison you would see that Django with Python is more like Rails with Ruby. If you are to take a Django Online Training, there are a lot of things that you should know before you start.


It was earlier seen that the process of developing the websites that were complex and driven by a lot of data was not just slow but had a lot of bugs as well. The main aim that Django was brought into use was to tackle all this and improve the overall process. Django online course in Boston will teach you about all this in detail. The main idea that the Django framework generally focuses on is the DRY principle.

DRY, also known as don’t repeat yourself is a concept where they simply try to state that once you have written a code, you don’t write it time and again in the entire process of development. So, once you write a few things or lines, you tend to reuse them throughout the code. This reduces the work around the time of the developer and also ensures that the bugs in the program are less. Even if you make a change at any place in the code, it gets adapted throughout so that you don’t have to necessarily do that everywhere.

Another important point that you should know here is that the Django will be using the model view controller. With the help of MVC, the various features like programming, data structure, and UI are kept and worked upon separately. In another effort to improve the overall performance, it is seen that the Django brings into use the concepts of inheritance where they inherit the templates and their data nested in other templates. So since you get to use different templates from different parts of the website, you don’t have to separately work in reducing the redundancies caused by these template codes.

In order to work with the database seamlessly, the Django framework has its separate ORM. The classes of the python language are used here to describe the information and once this is done, the database generation is done in accordance with it. The architecture and the URL handlers make a huge contribution in making Django popular and a favorite amongst the developers. For instance, if you have to make a certain kind of website, you can use the set of tools from the inbuilt library to do your work. Since most of these are customizable, your work as a developer reduces to a huge level.

Be it the perfect way of using what python has to offer or store huge chunks of data and information in the most sorted manner, using Django over other options is definitely going to make the work simplified for you as a developer.


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