4 Tips for Saving Money on Fine Art Supplies


Life as a starving artist is a less romantic gig than it sounds. While you are able to freely indulge your creative genius, your hunger and food cravings may not be so easy to satisfy. One thing that could be cutting into your food budget is the massive amount of money you have to spend on art supplies.

While some supplies are necessary, other times your cart may end up full at the art supply store without you knowing how it happened. Yet all of those items, somehow, are incredibly necessary. The first step to cutting down on your art supply costs is in having self-discipline while in the supply store. After you have made your list, here are a few other ways to help you save money on your fine art supplies.

Be a Loyal Customer

In many art supply stores, there are rewards for being a loyal customer. For example, spending more than a certain dollar amount could earn you a discount, or purchasing a set amount, like a punch card, could get you free items or money back. Inquire at your local art supply store about customer rewards and loyalty discounts.

Additionally, you may get a discount based on who you know. If you are involved at a community college or the student of a teacher affiliated with the art store, you may get special discounts. Find out if there are any co-ops you can join or other options that would offer you a discount on your purchases.

Clip Coupons

As much as everyone hates clipping coupons, they can offer you unmatched savings when it comes to buying expensive items like art supplies. To find great deals on coupons, just do a simple search for the store name, item, and coupons. You could earn 20% off your order or get a BOGO on your most commonly used art supplies. “You can find Michael’s coupon codes here.”

Save On Canvas

Perhaps the most popular painting surface, canvas is beloved but costly. Buying pre-stretched and primed canvases can be unbelievably expensive and quickly negate your earnings from the last painting you sold. In order to cut down on your canvas costs, you may need to start stretching your own canvas; believe it or not, it is not as difficult as you would first believe.

Additionally, although many artists are earth-conscious, they can be incredibly wasteful when it comes to used canvases. To reuse a canvas, you can simply flip it and utilize the blank backside. Alternatively, you could use a primer over your previous painting to make the canvas usable once again.

Be a Good Steward

When art supplies are properly cared for, they can last for many years. Often all you need to do is gently cleanse brushes with soap and water or turpentine to remove oil paints. However, if you fail to properly maintain your supplies, they can easily go to waste and need to be replaced far more frequently.

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