Three Ways to Guarantee a Successful Move

Everyone dreads a moving day. Friends and family become scarce and for some, it can even be the equivalent of pulling teeth. Frankly, the aggravation and stress during a typical move isn’t always necessary. Proper preparation can eliminate it all.

By purchasing a new build property from Linden Homes, you are already making the process easier. With no renovations to make, you only have to cope with the process of moving your belongings from one property to another.

We have compiled a number of tips to get you into your new home without all of the hassle.

Many Hands Make Light Work

If you’re unable to pay for a professional moving company, try enlist the help of as many friends and family as possible to assist you. The more people, the faster and less stressful the move will be. Remember though, that you may need to bribe with copious amounts of tea and coffee and the promise to return the favour when they next relocate!

Travel Costs

If you don’t have access to a large van or trailer of your own, do some research into the cheapest and most efficient local moving van company. This can save an amazing amount of time and stress further down the line, as well as ensuring you get the best deal. It can be cheaper to hire a van for the day and do one trip to the new place rather than make multiple trips in a smaller vehicle. Plus, there’s even more room in the car to ship your mates along to help!

Design a Floor Plan

You will save so much time by drawing up a floor plan of your new home in advance. By planning your space effectively, everyone knows where to deposit each item, and where all your belongings will be stored in the new home. The last thing you need is to be making last-minute decisions on where the movers should place heavy pieces of furniture. With a floor plan drawn up, everyone is informed and aware everything going on.

Online free services such as allow you to estimate where your furniture may best fit in your new property. Make an extra visit to your new home and take a few photographs to make things clear to everyone. It’s essential that all items are boxed in carefully-labelled boxes which dictate where they need to go.

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