Three Family Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank


Everyone deserves a vacation now and again, and your family is no exception – you all need a break from work and some time to spend together. A vacation is good for your mental health and gives you time to create lasting memories with the people you care about.

If you have kids, traveling can be so expensive that a vacation seems out of the question. That doesn’t mean you can’t get away, though. This list breaks down three vacations ideas to fit any budget.

Natural Beauty

Camping with the family can be a fun and unique experience – you might even be able to teach your kids a thing or two! Camping is great because it gets everyone away from the screens that seem to run our lives these days. Everyone has to cooperate to get the tent set up, and later in the night, you can all sit around the fire to roast hot dogs and tasty s’mores.

This is a great family activity that brings people together. If you have older kids who are up to the challenge, consider backpacking for an added element of adventure. Booking a camping spot in a national park like Yellowstone can cost as little as twenty dollars a day, and your family will have the opportunity to see a beautiful national landmark on their vacation.

Local Attractions

Sometimes the area around you has fun attractions or landmarks that you, as a resident, forget are there. Just as some people live in Manhattan for years without ever seeing the Statue of Liberty, there may be similar icons near your home that you have never considered.

If you live in upstate New York or the surrounding areas, Niagra Falls is a beautiful area that offers all kinds of attractions – you can even cruise the falls, journeying through Canada and seeing the falls from an entirely new perspective!

Many parts of the United States have spots of stunning natural beauty or amazing human achievement, from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore. Washington D.C. contains tons of free museums that are both educational and fun. If you look, you will almost certainly find a great attraction for the whole family.

Skip The Hotel

Hotels are one of the biggest costs of travel, and if you’re travelling with a family of four or more, the prices just get higher and higher. Luckily, in our modern day, hotels aren’t the only option.

Another option instead of a hotel is to go with something like the Maui Condo Rentals .  These options are nice because they are run by a company vs just going into someones home.  They are also very secluded and allow you to have more privacy on vacation.  With these types of rentals you also get more space than a hotel room.  You also get a kitchen and that can end up saving you a lot of money on your vacation.

Services such as Airbnb have made it much more affordable to visit and stay in far-off cities. That isn’t the only option – many foreign cities, even places as popular as Paris or Madrid, have apartment owners hoping to rent out their place for a week to bring in some extra cash.

The rates on these places tend to be much lower than hotels, especially for families or large groups, and they have the added bonus of being more comfortable, with multiple rooms and kitchens.

Family Memories

Don’t get stuck in the idea that you have to go to a far-off, exotic location to have a great and relaxing time with your family. As long as the people you love are around you, you could be on a road trip, two states over, or an ocean away – you’ll be building lasting memories that everyone can cherish.

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