Suggestions for How We Can Make Student Accommodation Seem Larger

Suggestions for How We Can Make Student Accommodation Seem Larger

Housing a lot of students, within a university complex for their first year of study, is no easy task, The sheer numbers will mean that they cannot be offered a huge amount of space each. Invariably, they will need to share rooms with other students. Even later on when shared houses are rented by students, this will be the reality for many students who want to make them affordable. Therefore, this makes it necessary to look for ways of saving space.

One solution to the above is to consider public storage units that will be rented out when people have additional items to accommodate, which exceed their temporary living space. These units will house all the items that you are struggling to accommodate that relate to your studies and will help with having a fun time at university.

Store Items Close By but Away from Student Accommodation

When in university accommodation it does not mean that the only storage space has to be your room at the university, that is shared with others. You can also rent a storage unit close by, which will mean it is more accessible to you.

Storage units are the perfect solution to taking care of all the items you take with you while at university. They mean that you do not have to keep asking your parents to bring you items that you needed in the first place. Distances may, anyway, make this impractical to take place all that often.

Independence is about taking responsibility for your possessions and what you need. A self-storage unit would be a step in this direction when it allows you to have all your equipment and essential items with you. This is whether they relate to education or having fun. 

Store Items Within a Bag

The bag that you take to university lectures could be loaded up with as many items as possible while stored inside your living space. It will probably take up just as much space empty or full, if it is a sturdy bag. Adopting this regime would mean that you had more space to move around your living quarters in the evening. You might even have space to dance to a music track or two.

A good-sized bag will take care of all the books that you need to carry at once and separate more of your items from your flat or housemates when you return to your student digs.

Borrow and Use Books Wisely

Only take out library books that you need to save on space. Alternatively, look at journals and books that are available online. You will need these sources to use as evidence, to prove your arguments within essays. Also, there will be much primary source reading to do from books you are asked to read in one format or another. It might seem easier to reference physical books in a bibliography, rather than eBooks, but there will be ways to reference eBooks too if you ask your tutor.

As an alternative, you can look at books within a library without ever having to take them out. This is when you are just looking for a single quotation to reference. Make sure that you take full details from the book, such as its full title, author, publisher name and place, and the date it was published, before returning it to the shelf. This is in case you should not be able to find it again. This might be because of the scale of the library or because another student has then borrowed it. Many a student has written a quotation down, then had no clue as to which book it came from to fully reference it. This will be time-wasting, frustrating, and has the potential to lose you some marks. Saving on space within your flat or house should not inconvenience you in other ways.

Share Items

There may be items, as a student, that you can share with fellow students rather than you all needing one of them each. By arranging this, you could save on much space this way. It is important to each have a computer yourself, however, as this will be needed to write essays on. The chances are, even if your fellow students are in different groups, you will have essays that are due around about the same time, so sharing would not be practical, in this instance.

You will note that there are many ways to deal with a lack of space as a student, and these should all be considered and shared among your fellow students too. A storage unit could be shared between you all to save on cost.

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