Starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business

We live in the age of convenience where Amazon can deliver just about anything we need. But do you know something they can’t do for us? Pick up and deliver our dry cleaning! So if you’re thinking about starting up your own mobile-dry cleaning business, now is the time to do it. Here are some basic things you’ll need to get started and become successful.

Starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business


Decide on the areas you’ll be providing the service. If you plan to have a storefront, pick an area near places that get a lot of traffic like a park, shopping centers, strip mall or apartment building. You’ll want to make sure it is easy to get in and out of for your delivery drivers and has ample parking.


The two most important things to make your mobile dry cleaning service a success will be the vehicle your drivers use and the right software system with a mobile app to keep them organized and efficient. You’ll want an app that will organize the dry cleaning mobile routes for the driver so they can do more deliveries in close proximity rather than driving around town all day and wasting gas.


Money talks and if your prices aren’t competitive you won’t get the amount of business you want. There are various ways to cater to your customers’ budgets. You can offer group discounts to businesses that require their employees to wear uniforms. You could save a lot of money this way by picking up all the drying cleaning in one location. Running monthly specials for certain items such as bedspreads or drapes is also a great way to gain new business.

Providing a service to people that saves them time, money and is convenient is a no-brainer! Mobile dry-cleaning is a great industry to invest in right now.


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