Pros of High Risk Merchant Accounts

high risk merchant accounts

When your business is first classified as a high risk business, you may worry that you might have trouble getting approved for a merchant account. And many high risk merchant accounts can seem as though they cannot provide you with all the services you might require, or those that do want to charge high fees for their services. However, with a little research, you’ll soon find that there are some reputable high risk merchant account solutions that not only offer many services for reasonable fees, but also that there can be many advantages to having a high risk merchant account over traditional merchant accounts.

Just because high risk merchant accounts are sometimes considered a negative in the landscape of retail and online commerce, many merchant account solutions providers offer a variety of options and features that can help to improve your business, enabling you to do more than simply accept and process credit card payments.

Accept more credit cards and currencies

To start with, most high risk merchant account providers enable businesses to process a larger amount of credit cards than standard merchant account providers, which can be very advantageous for businesses. This means that you don’t have to turn away customers that might wish to pay for a purchase with a credit card that you might not have been able to accept had you chosen to work with a standard merchant account provider. Enabling customers to have more payment options is always good business. A high risk merchant account also typically allows your businesses to accept multiple forms of currency, which of course is also very important if you are conducting business internationally.

Save on merchant account fees

Additionally, while you may still be able to apply and be accepted with a standard merchant account provider, if your business is classified as higher risk, you might have to pay higher fees to the merchant account provider. However, many high risk merchant account providers, such as USA Bancard, offer businesses very reasonable fees, making them a very affordable and optimal solution for businesses classified as high risk. This is an especially important benefit, because merchant account fees can add up fairly quickly, adding to your expenses and cutting into your bottom line. If the bulk of your business is done through credit card transactions, you’ll definitely want to choose a high risk merchant account with low fees.

Fast approval time

When your business is classified as a high risk business and you apply for your merchant account, you may have to go through a lengthy verification process before even finding out whether or not you have been approved. When you apply for a merchant account with a company that specializes in high risk merchant accounts, there is generally a much faster approval time, so that you can start doing business much sooner.

Lastly, one of the advantages of working with a high risk merchant account provider is that since they specialize in working with high risk businesses, they are more experienced in offering you the types of services you would normally require to do business online, overseas and in other areas.

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