5 Easy Ways of Attracting More Clients


Many businesses forget the importance of attracting new clients. They have a loyal client base, readership, or audience. Perhaps they sell a unique product, or a commodity they believe will never go out of style. But even if business is booming like never before, if you don’t have plans for attracting new clients, then you’re not aiming for long term growth. Times change. People age. New technology evolves, and before you know it, whether you sell money clips online or FMCGs worldwide, your loyal customer base is dwindling and you’ve got no prospects on the horizon.

  1. Update Your Website

Make sure that your website looks like it belongs to this decade. Actually this year would be better. While a sleek design may be nice, be sure that you don’t compromise on functionality. If you can, hire a UX manager to study user habits and advise you on the areas of your site that you should highlight and how to make your website more user-friendly. Make sure that all your contact forms work correctly, as if they don’t, then you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. Incentivize people to get in touch. What’s in it for them? A free quote? 10% off their first purchase? Access to special member benefits? Give people a reason to become a client.

  1. Optimize Your Content

Once your website is updated with benefit-driven content, obvious and appealing CTAs and all the functionality tested, you need to make sure that it is optimized. If you have the budget, check out your business card holder for the details of an SEO agency who can advise you on on-page content optimization (using the right keywords), Google AdWords campaigns, or social media campaigns, if appropriate and how to localize your content for local markets. If not, then check out some business and marketing blogs and tips on how to increase your SERP.

  1. Build Traffic

Start a blog for your site and update it regularly. Weekly is optimal, but if you don’t have the time to dedicate to that, then at least once a month. You should also try to get other sites to link to your site, by forming alliances with companies who offer similar or complementary services, consumer opinion sites, or by writing guest article posts for other blogs. The more traffic you can build to your site, the higher your site will rank in Google and the more customers you’ll attract.

  1. Try Referral Programs

If you know that you have a loyal customer base who are happy with your product or service, get them to be your advocate and recommend you to new clients. Give them an incentive for doing this, such as regular discounts, a finder’s fee, or a business gift, if your clients are B2B.

  1. Organize an Event

Organize or sponsor an event in the local community, or the geographic region where you’re trying to capture clients. If you can get your brand associated with giving back to the community or supporting a good cause, you’ll attract new clients who approve of your company’s values.

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