How To Pay For a Lawyer When You Don’t Have The Cash

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to hire a lawyer, you will have to pay a good amount of money. However, protecting your rights and defending your freedom is worth it in the big picture.

Although you may have to pay a hefty price for their legal expertise, hiring a competent and experienced lawyer means that you will likely win your case. When you compare winning your case for a price, compared to losing at a much higher price, it becomes clear that it’s worth paying for a good lawyer.

So, how do you pay for a good lawyer when you don’t have the money lying around? Take a look at some of the best ways to pay for a lawyer if you can’t afford it.

How To Pay For a Lawyer When You Don’t Have The Cash

Request to Pay In Installments

Many lawyers will offer you the opportunity to pay them in multiple installments over a set period of time. You will likely have to pay money upfront; however, it won’t be the total sum.

The more in demand a lawyer is, the less likely that they’ll be to accept payments stretched out over time. However, lawyers who are looking for more work are usually quite flexible about payment plans. 

Request a Contingency Fee 

Requesting a contingency fee is a popular method of paying your attorney if you don’t have enough money. It involves paying your lawyer with the winnings of your case.

People who have a strong case but no money to pay upfront are an excellent fit for a contingency arrangement. However, before you assume that this is always an option, it’s essential to know that it’s not. For example, it can’t work in a family law case or criminal law. However, if your type of case qualifies for a contingency structure, then don’t be afraid to ask lawyers whether they’ll accept this form of payment.

Take Out a Personal Loan

Applying for a personal loan is an easy way to get cash when you need it. Once you are approved, you will receive the money within several days, making it possible to pay your lawyer right away.

However, it’s important to note that this money isn’t free. Not only will you have to pay it back, but you’ll also have to pay interest. Make sure that you’re financially prepared to fit in a monthly payment into your budget. 

Pay With a Credit Card

Although it’s not ideal, credit cards will work in a pinch if your lawyer accepts them. However, not everyone has a high enough credit limit to be able to cover something as hefty as legal fees. If you have a favorable credit score, you may want to apply for a loan over a credit card for a lower interest rate.

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