Money Issues With A CPA


A certified public accountant, or CPA, is one who assists individuals, families and businesses with tax concerns and other financial needs or questions. The services provided are different for individuals than they are for businesses, but the methods used are similar.

Through the year, employees have taxes taken out of their checks they receive from working. A tax return is filed at the beginning of the following year. The CPA can help to determine if anything needs to be paid back to the government or if the individual or family will get a refund. This is often something that people look forward to, especially if they are getting money back instead of paying. A CPA will stay updated on the current tax laws in order to provide the most relevant information about situations in states and with the federal government.

If you own a business, then you will likely benefit from the services of a CPA. There are several things that a CPA can help with, such as payroll accounts and making sure the books are kept organized for the business. This can help ensure that the business doesn’t lose money. If there is a loss of money for the business, then the CPA can sit down with you to discuss ways to cut back on costs or to increase profits. Financial statements are prepared quarterly or annually. The business can also request that statements be prepared twice a year. These statements include data from the previous year as well as a hint of what the company might be able to expect in the future.

Individuals can seek the help of a CPA if they want to begin investing or if there are questions about the financial future. Retirement questions are often answered as well as estate planning options. A CPA Honolulu office, as well as other offices in the country, can assist with funding for college and creating a savings account for children or adults. Budgeting is another area where a CPA can help. This is an ideal service for those who tend to spend more money than is brought into the home.

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