It Only Takes a Few Steps to Becoming a Notary Public

Becoming a notary public is an exciting profession. You get to meet many different people with many different needs. Although the job is one that carries with it a lot of trust, it is not difficult to become a notary public. Each state has a few basic requirements. The most important is the you have no felony record. Other than this, the requirements are such things as being a resident of the state and being 18 years of age. If you meet the basic requirements, you will then need to take a few steps.

Educational requirements
You usually need to learn about the process of doing the work of a notary public. It can be difficult to be specific because the laws are different in each state. Some states have a training requirement, but when they do, it is easy to accomplish. It is only a few hours of class time or alternatively, a few hours of online instruction. If a state requires this, they may also require a test to be passed, but this is usually simple. If you have studied, you will pass the test.

Sending in your application
Once you have fulfilled the educational requirements, you will need to send in an application. The application is for the purpose of doing a background check and if approved, to record you as an official notary of the state you live in. At the same time you send in your application, you will likely need to show evidence that you have insurance to protect your customers. Sometimes there can be legal and financial consequences due to mistakes that are made. This type of insurance is often called errors and commissions insurance. It is common for many professionals to have this insurance. With the job of a notary public it is sometimes called surety bond insurance . There are many companies that offer this online, so it is easy to obtain. This insurance is usually good for four years because this is the amount of time you are allowed to be a notary without renewing your license.

Those are the basic steps. After this you will need to buy some supplies for your new career. The main thing you will need is a notary stamp, but there may also be a requirement for special record books.

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