How to use Call Tracking for Inbound Sales

If you are from sales and marketing department of the company then this will be a familiar term for you. But for all those who are not sure about inbound sales, let me take some time to discuss it. And then we will talk how we can go ahead with the tracking of these inbound calls.

What are inbound sales?

Inbound sales are the process of focusing on individual buyers and their personal needs, points of pain, frustrations, and goals. For an inbound salesperson, it is important to understand what the pain point for a customer is before you actually talk to them.

When you do cold call looking at the leads then it is like those users have expressed the interest in you. Here the users have shown interest in your product and service and then you call them talking how best you can take care of their interest. But in case of inbound sales, looking at the current or previous experiences, you work at their pain point.

Now as you understand what inbound sales are, let’s see what all it takes to track and manage the inbound sales. Here are some of the reasons why one need to track the inbound sales-

  • Usually, in inbound sales, we analyze how our customers are doing and based on that they propose how it can be made better
  • Inbound sales also need frequent and proper follow up as it’s you who look for the gap and propose the better solution and in this process, you need a better call tracking software.

Although there is much software using which you can record and manage the calls, you should look for the best solution you can have. Here are few checklists you should follow while selecting the best inbound sales tracking software.

  • Should work for all kind of calls received
  • Categorization and ruling should be there
  • It should have excellent analytics and reporting in place
  • Cost-effective
  • The need of all kind of users and companies should have been taken care of

If you will follow the above factors, you will find Ringba is having all these features and so you should definitely try Ringba for managing all kind of enterprise calls.

Tracking Inbound sales through Ringba

First of all, you need to sign up for Ringba which is free as a part of the trial. Once done, sign in again and you will be landed on your Ringba dashboard. Here you can click on start a new campaign to set up the new campaign for your inbound sales.

Here you may need to enter the details like-

  • General Information
    • Hours and Concurrency
  • Call Routing
    • Where you want to send your calls
  • URL Tags
  • Tracking Pixels
  • Webhooks
  • Numbers
    • The phone numbers used for tracking and routing calls to sales reps.

Once you have added all these details to your created campaign, you can simply publish it to get started with the amazing analytics and reporting. Now Ringba will store and analyze every call you will receive. Based on these details, you can manage your inbound sales in a better way.

With your inbound calls being tracked, you can listen to call recordings, customize your IVRs and even setup routing plans for managing your call flow.


These were all about the inbound sales tracking where you will be able to get the hold on your client’s call in a better way with proper tracking and analytics.

Sign up for the Ringba for free and explore the amazing world of enterprise call tracking.

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