How to Make a Go Fund Me Page Go Viral ?

Whether it’s a product or website or even some non-profit campaigns, everything needs viral marketing to hit the target quicker than anticipated. After all, everything is about salesmanship. And in the era of digitization, a rightfully planned online campaign can help reach far bigger outreach than what offline based marketing would have done in previous yesteryears. 

How to Make a Go Fund Me Page Go Viral

So if you’ve been looking to find ways to make your go fund me page viral, then you’ve hit the right spot. We’ve got the right campaign for you ahead. Read along. 

  • Make your Go Fund Me Page look Best
  • This is something that not many people focus on. In the hindsight, it should be on top of your focus list. Always start with the basics if you want to make it good. Try to use a bright image or a stable video in your page. It is well known that Go Fund Me page with images or video fetch way more viral marketing that the rest. 


  • Make Bite-sized Asks and Title
  • You don’t need to have the $10,000 asks on your page to make them viral. Instead, it’s the $10 or $100 that gets more hits. If you want to make your Go Fund Me page viral then make bite-sized action-driven asks like: ‘Need $25 to buy mosquito nets for 10 families’ or ‘Need $100 to ensure school kids get free mid-day meal for 10 days’. 


  • Focus on Easy to Explain Concepts
  • You don’t have to be a world-beater to make your page go viral in Go Fund Me. All you need is action-driven and easy to explain concepts that can reach the masses. People tend to fund those campaigns which are easy to understand. Rather than elaborating on things, make it simple and precise. Try to include the message or the theme of your fundraising as properly and easily as you can. Look to include the names of the person or organization for whom the funds are meant for. You can also include the cause behind your campaign. 


  • Get Involved in Sharing and Personal Outreach
  • Whenever you make a Go Fund Me page, the very first supporters will be the ones in your circle. Share your fundraising campaign on social media networks to help reach out to people. Try to include personalized messages with your link to help people fund your page. You should also take a look at cold pitching via emails to help reach bigger audience target levels. Make it as personal and genuine as people only fund those who are genuine and in need. 


  • Make it Easy to Give
  • Your Go Fund Me campaign should be easy to access for the users. Anyone willing to donate should have an easy route to it. Try to set up your page with easy options for donations. You can also look to include multiple options for donations. For say you’re setting up a fundraiser for malaria vaccination. You can include options like $10 for 25 vaccinations, $20 for 50 vaccinations. This way a user can easily opt for any of the options rather than getting stuck on thoughts for themselves.


  • Be Thankful for the Donors
  • Always remember, fundraiser campaign works only when donors donate the money. So you should always be thankful to the donors. Try to appreciate their efforts and send them a thank you as soon as possible. 
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