Coastal Equities’s Money Saving Tips for Your Next Vacation

Use these money saving tips from Coastal Equities to reduce cost on your next vacation.

Coastal Equities’s Money Saving Tips for Your Next Vacation

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Even when you are planning on spending a lot of money for a big ticket item or excursion, finding ways that you can save some of it will only serve to your benefit. After all, the more money that you can save the more that you have in the account for a rainy day or if something should arise.

While most of us carefully plan our vacations intricately, there are some wallet-busters that we should be aware of during the planning process. Following these three tips from Coastal Equities can be better planned for, helping you save more of your hard earned cash whilst enjoying that idyllic getaway that’s penned in the calendar.

 Eat In

Seriously, get a hotel room that has a kitchen in it. By stocking up on food and minimizing when you go out to eat, you can easily shave off at least 20% of your vacation cost. Look up the numbers. Eating out is one of your greatest expenses when traveling.

 Go Discount

Do you really need a five star room, five star rental car and first class tickets? If you are planning on being adventurous, how much time will you even spend in the rental car or in the hotel room? Instead, go discount and get more out of your vacation.

 Travel During Off  Dates

Look up the prime dates to travel to your desired destination. These premium dates will always cost more because they are in season. But if you travel outside of the season, you won’t have to pay premium fees. This can often mean that you get to enjoy a generous discount, which can make that dreamy vacation a lot more likely in the future.

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