Getting Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Paid: Where to Start

Getting Your Workers' Compensation Claim Paid: Where to Start

Insurance companies always try to avoid paying any more than they have to on claims. This is just as true for workers’ compensation claims as it is for any other type. This is only natural, of course: the less money the company pays out, the more money it can keep as profit. This means the insurance company will take advantage of any opportunity they can to pay you less (or not at all.)

You don’t have to just “roll over” and accept this situation, though. As someone seeking a workers’ compensation claim, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you receive the money you deserve. Insurance companies count on people being unprepared and ignorant regarding how the system works. The following tips will go a long way towards ensuring that you don’t fall into that category.

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment

When you get hurt on the job, make it a point to get to a doctor immediately. Visiting the emergency room is often a smart move, as it is a clear indication of the seriousness of your injury. If you put off seeking treatment, on the other hand, the insurance company may argue that you are exaggerating on your claim. They could suggest that you didn’t really get hurt as badly as you are trying to make it seem. If your injury was so serious, why did you wait so long to get it taken care of? Avoid this scenario by heading straight to a doctor.

Report Your Injury Right Away

On a similar note, you should tell your manager or supervisor immediately following any on-the-job injury. While it varies by state, the law typically requires that any and all workers’ comp claims be maid within 30 days of the incident in order to be valid. In addition, notifying your superiors right away will help to remove any doubts about the legitimacy of the claim and will make sure you receive compensation and benefits as soon as possible.

Identify Witnesses

For best results, you need to get everyone you can on your side. If the insurance company decides to dispute your claim for any reason, having witnesses will be a tremendous benefit. The more people you can find to corroborate your version of events, the better.

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