An Overview of a Torn Labrum

There are lots of shoulder injuries that someone might suffer; however, one of the most common is a torn labrum. Depending on how someone suffers a torn labrum, they might be eligible for a labral tear shoulder settlement with the help of a trained legal professional. First, the shoulder labrum is a cartilaginous structure that is located at the top of the shoulder bone. The labrum cups the head of the humerus, connecting it to the shoulder socket. The labrum itself is stabilized by four muscles that make up the rotator cuff. It is the job of the rotator cuff to help the labrum keep the shoulder in place while still allowing it to rotate.

The Types of Shoulder Labrum Tears

There are several types of torn labrums that someone might suffer. One of the most common is called a SLAP tear. This stands for superior labrum, anterior to posterior. This is the labral tear that is common in overuse injuries. This takes place in baseball players, tennis players, and anyone else who uses a repetitive overhand motion.

The second type of labral tear is called a Bankart lesion. This is what happens when there is a tear in the lower half of the socket. This is the type of injury that people commonly suffer from due to a severe shoulder dislocation.

Finally, people can also suffer a posterior labral tear. This is the least common type of torn labrum, happening in less than 10 percent of all cases. If someone suffers a labral tear, there are a few treatment options available.

The Treatment of a Torn Labrum

If someone has been diagnosed with a torn labrum, there are several treatment options available. The first question that people have to answer is whether or not they want to have surgery. For those who don’t want to have surgery, there is physical therapy available. Physical therapy has been designed to help people strengthen their muscles, in this case, those around the shoulder. The goal is to improve the support for the rotator cuff in the absence of a labrum. In addition, massages and manual therapy might also be used.

In other cases, people might be interested in having surgery. This is common for those who play sports and need to regain 100 percent of their strength. This surgical procedure is carried out by a trained orthopedic surgeon. Then, individuals will still have to undergo physical therapy after surgery to make sure the repair holds.

A Torn Labrum Is a Common Shoulder Injury

In the world of shoulder injuries, labral tears are both common and severe. Therefore, it is important for everyone with shoulder pain to see a doctor as quickly as possible. For those who suffer a shoulder injury at work, there might be options available for financial compensation. In this case, it is a good idea for people to have their case reviewed by a trained attorney with experience in this field. This can go a long way toward helping people cover the cost of their care.

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