Choosing the Right Color of Paint Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare

Whether you are painting the entire house or a single room, one of the most challenging things can be picking the paint color. Unless you are a designer and understand color theory, you may wonder if you’ll be able to make a good choice. Working with a color wheel can be a good way to go. Here are some ideas to help make it easier for you.

Choosing the Right Color of Paint Doesn’t Have To Be a Nightmare

Vote for Vibrance

If you want the room you are painting to really stand out, you want to pick bright colors such as red, orange, purple or gold. Going with colors that are adjacent on the color wheel can help give you the contrast you want. You can add a third color chosen from directly across the wheel for contrast. Get high quality paint that has been mixed with an industrial mixer at the factory so you don’t have to worry about it separating.

Stick With Soothing

Maybe you are painting a room for baby and want the colors to be soothing rather than vibrant. One way to do this is to stay within the shades on your palette chip. Use a medium color on the chip for the walls and go lighter for the trim. If you want cool colors, stay in the blues and lavenders. If you prefer warm colors, stick with yellow tones. Keeping to neutral colors will add to the soothing feeling of the room.

Emanate Elegance

Neutral colors can add elegance to a room if you use contrasting or coordinating neutral colors. Beige and white have been joined by blues, grays and even reds as popular neutral colors. Painting trim in an accent color or adding color with your furnishings can also add elegance.

You can paint the rooms in your house the colors you like best and end up with rooms that are vibrant, soothing or elegant. You can help bring the perfect ambiance to your home through the paint colors you use.

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