Benefits of Group Learning

Humans have always existed in groups, so it makes sense we learn best that way too. Especially if you’re an adult learner looking to refresh previous knowledge or pick up something entirely new, joining group classes can be the best decision for the quickest results. Not only does it give you people to practice with, it can also help boost your confidence to be among people on the same skill level as you. So ditch your isolating online program and find a local group class to share your passion or hobby with!


Learning a new language is a great skill, and one many adults decide to take on. The key to learning a language, however, is to speak it, hear it, use it, and be immersed in it. For that, you need other people to speak to. Being part of group not only provides a list of people who can help you practice, it’s also full of study buddies who can help with group projects. The best part of being in a language group is that it gives you an opportunity to seek out someone who’s better than you at speaking. You can become friends and practice casually at home as well as in class. The social connection of group learning will help you to feel encouraged and supported throughout your journey, and will even teach you how to have fun and easy conversations in your new language.


Gyms and fitness centers are big participators in group activities. You can almost always find a group class, running squad, or yoga session at your gym, so don’t be afraid to jump in. Working out with other people will help to keep you motivated during your exercise so you can push yourself even harder than if you were alone. The structure of cardio or spin classes is also helpful because it teaches you how to scale up a workout to your peak, then bring it back to a cool down at the end for a healthy, effective session. Not to mention, having an instructor to check and correct your form, especially if your new to the activity, will save you from strained muscles or potential injuries.

Group classes are popular in places like language classes and fitness centers for a reason: they lead to better results. So keep an eye our for different groups you can join in your community!

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