Be Wise When Choosing Branded Merchandise

Many companies, both new and established ones, choose to offer merchandise featuring the company logo or tagline. But rather than just slapping a name on a ballpoint pen as a free giveaway, it makes more sense for businesses to be thoughtful and careful when it comes to adding branded merchandise for sale to supporters. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to put promotional products to work for your company.

Start Small

Until you know whether branded items will resonate with your company’s fans, it’s best to start out with a small selection of a limited number of offerings. You don’t want to be stuck with a warehouse of T-shirts if they don’t sell. Branded merchandise can better help your business if there is a feeling of exclusivity involved for the people who manage to get their hands on some.

Choose Wisely

By knowing your ideal customer and the demographics of your best clients, you can make smarter choices about what types of items to offer in your company store. For example, if you sell mostly to women ages 28-40, a tote bag would be a wiser choice for branded merchandise than a set of shot glasses.

Branded Merchandise

Quality Check

Useful, high-quality items are much more likely to appeal to buyers and, more importantly, to be used by your company’s supporters. The whole idea of branded merchandise is to get people to use it in public, where your business’s name can be spread to the masses. Items that won’t be routinely used can prove to be a waste of money and effort on your company’s part.

Don’t Be Obnoxious

It’s important to remember that your company essentially is using supporters and fans as walking billboards. Being respectful of that relationship is key. Don’t put your logo on everything or clutter up designs with too much information. A simple logo and website name is plenty. Also, don’t push the merchandise aggressively on your website, or you will risk squelching interest among site visitors. Again, scarcity and exclusivity can work to your advantage here when you practice a little restraint.

Be Realistic

In the end, it’s better to think of branded merchandise as an advertising tool rather than expect it to be a major income generator for your company. If you go into the merchandise venture with a plan to be content with breaking even, you won’t be setting yourself up for disappointment. Maybe the store will sell out in 48 hours. That’s great, but don’t count on it from the outset.

Being careful and cautious about putting your company’s logo on merchandise can help ensure a better outcome. Who knows, your product might go viral and be in high demand. Until you are sure, though, it’s best to be conservative with your efforts.

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