Band Promotion in the Modern Era: How to Get Your Band Heard ?

Some might say that rock and roll is dead, but you can’t tell that to the countless bands locked in rehearsal rooms and taking the stage at bars and clubs every night of the week. While the music business might be in flux, you do have options when it comes to ways to get your band heard and start building a business out of your creative dreams.

Use this guide to learn more about how you can promote your band. Best of all, these tried and true methods work for almost every style of music.

Take Advantage of the Internet

The internet offers a huge array of ways to get your band noticed. Platforms like Facebook are a must, as are streaming services like Bandcamp and Soundcloud. To find the best option for you, do some digging and see which service is hosting more competitive bands making music like your own.

You need to target the right fans with your songs after all.

Hit the Street

The internet is a huge part of how bands reach listeners in this modern era, but that doesn’t mean that putting some boots on the ground is without merit. In fact, it’s still an essential strategy if you’re trying to reach people for live events that are happening locally.

To make the most of street promotion, you need something to offer potential new fans. For some small bands, handing out CD-R version of one or two songs is enough to entice more listeners to check out their page and do some shopping through streaming sites like iTunes. This is a smart strategy if your band is completely unknown and starting from nothing.

Another more cost-effective option is to give out things like stickers emblazoned with your bands logo and web address .  Custom sticker making  can cost as little as a few cents per piece, so you can give out hundreds of these without breaking the bank.

The most important thing is to connect with your potential fans in person and making a lasting impression.

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