A Guide for the Modern Sophisticated Gentleman

Standing out in today’s world can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re a young professional or college graduate trying to make it in a competitive field.

There are a few simple ways, however, to make yourself stand out, gentlemen. And believe it or not, they can be all be done on a fairly tight budget.

Learn to tie a tie

There’s more than one way to tie a tie, and it’s time to¬†learn them all. The different styles of knots are suitable for different occasions and different neck sizes. Also, having a well-tied tie gives of an air of confidence and lets people know you pay attention to detail.

Wear clothes that fit

This is particularly important for job interviews and dates. When you’re hanging out with your friends or your parents, the size of your shirt isn’t really critical. But if you have a well-fitting suit, and a few pairs of tight jeans and shirt combos, you can look polished, professional, and all-around good for any occasion.

And guys, if you have a fairly lithe build, wearing a large suit doesn’t make you look bigger; it actually does the opposite. You look drowned in the fabric and that’s not impressive. Suits, shirts, and pants that fit show off your best assets.

Learn to shave

Most guys have probably been shaving on a semi-regular basis since their teenage years, but learning how to do it properly can make a big difference in the short and long term.

If you take proper care of your skin, it will be better moisturized, which will give you a more vibrant look overall. This is key for interviews and dates: you want to project a good energy and that you’re capable of doing what you need to do.

This is a two-fold issue: 1) Learn proper shaving techniques and 2) have the right equipment for the job. Bic disposable razors tear your skin up, and they will make you look older if you keep at it.

Do your best to invest in a quality razor from a men’s shaving¬†store, and recognize that if you take care of it, it could last you a lifetime. Take care of your skin with facial prep oils, proper technique for the type of hair you have, and after-shave lotions.

Be yourself

Your personality, more than your suit and tie or razor set, is what makes the biggest difference. These are guidelines: learn to infuse your personality when you have to step up your sophistication game, and you will really shine.

No one wants to see a perfectly dressed and clean-shaved robot … or jerk. Toss on colorful socks, your favorite belt buckle, unique cufflinks, or a bold tie to help your true self shine through.

Don’t be afraid of color

Brightly colored shirts and ties can really make you stand out from the crowd. Pick colors that go with your skin tone, eyes, and hair color (and that sparkling personality) and go for it.

Be careful not to over-play your hand here; you don’t want to look garish. But you do want to look bright and vibrant. Well-fitting colorful dress shirts are a breath of fresh air in a room full of plain white shirts and dark ties.

Own it!

The last link in this whole piece is confidence. Hold your head high, square your shoulders, smile, and offer a strong handshake. Even if you’re nervous, tell yourself you can do whatever you’re trying to do. Look great, and be great.

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