Santam Insurance – The Revolutionary Insurance

By offering the best coverage and revolutionizing the industry, Santam insurance creates an atmosphere that is rarely seen in an insurance company. Santam offers a peace of mind that makes the company stand above and apart from any other insurance company in the industry, making it the leader in the industry. With its dedication and its commitment, Santam raises the bar in insurance, offering a new and improved experience, revolutionizing the industry every single day.

Always the Best                                                                                                            

Over the years Santam has not only changed to fit with the times, but has also changed the times themselves. This company has been the best for years, and it has always maintained its sense of determination and commitment. It is a company of integrity and honor, and it has always been such. When it opened its doors as National Trust and Assurance Company Limited it was immediately a force for good. And within a very short time it had completely revolutionized the insurance industry, and it has not stopped doing so since. The company is constantly improving not only itself, but every other company as well, and it strives to offer the best coverage, and complete peace of mind. It started as the best, has continued to be the best, and will always be the best.

Worth Remembering

There are very few logos in the insurance industry that are anywhere near as iconic as the Santam Yellow Umbrella, and none that are as recognizable. The Yellow Umbrella originally represented only a single policy, but since then it has grown to mean so much more. The Yellow Umbrella has come to be a beacon of what Santam is, and what the company stands for. As the market leader in insurance, the company has changed over the years, revolutionizing the industry. However, it has never changed the way it does business. The company represents peace of mind and complete coverage, something that is perfectly demonstrated by the use of the now iconic Yellow Umbrella as a logo.

Santam Standing Tall


As an insurance company, Santam stands far above the competition in its dedication to its customers. It believes in providing peace of mind, and offering no excuses with its policies. From the beginning Santam has created a comfortable atmosphere and offered excellent coverage, striving to always be the best in the industry, and succeeding. Santam has been doing insurance right since the beginning, nearly one hundred years ago, and it will continue to do insurance right for years to come.

Santam insurance has spent years bringing the best to its policy holders, and bringing peace of mind to those the company insures. Complete coverage means something new with Santam as the company has spent years revolutionizing the industry and providing unique services that can’t be found elsewhere. As Santam continues to be the market leader, continues to be the best, it offers the protection of the well-known Yellow Umbrella, both an icon and a promise. With Santam, insurance means something better, and is only the best.

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