5 Ways to Earn Money in Art


Congratulations, you have chosen a career in art. As soon as you finalized your major, you probably began hearing “concerns” from friends and family about how you would support yourself. Many people believe that careers in the art world are few and far between and those lucky enough to find a job do not make a lucrative income. Fortunately, your loved ones are greatly mistaken about the opportunities awaiting you in fine art. Included here are a few fantastic career opportunities available to those who chose to pursue an art degree.

Art Dealer

Park West Gallery was founded by a man who decided he wanted to make art available to everyone. Albert Scaglione’s money-making enterprise was established with the idea of giving art to the masses in an affordable manner. Scaglione had begun a successful career as a professor before discovering his passion for dealing in art.

Don’t let the naysayers convince you that pursuing your dream of art is doomed to be a failure. Scaglione demonstrated that with enough passion to be in the art world, you can create entire new industries of available art. While Scaglione was not a practicing artist, he understood the industry well enough to become successful.

Visual Effects Animator

With the nation’s torrid love affair with the screen, it is no surprise that careers in the film industry are growing like wild. Many productions are in need of visual effects animators to design and integrate perfectly tuned effects into their films. If you are a die-hard Matrix fan, the special effects industry can use your passion. Consider living “behind-the-scenes” and making your imagination come to life on the big screen.

Video Game Designer

While most prepubescent boys dream of living a life in video games, it usually fades from reality by the time they reach college. Fortunately, the industry of video game design is in constant growth and requires a large supply of fresh ideas and designers. If you have a passion for living in a digital world, the field of video game design may be just the place to utilize your artistic talents.

Jewelry Design

If you revel in the land of fashion and sparkle, a career in jewelry design might just be your true calling. Clothing design and high fashion are not everyone’s true love, but creating accessible accessory pieces can be useful and exciting. Jewelry design is a great field for individuals who enjoy intensive, detailed work and hands-on practice.

Book Cover Designer

That old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” probably applies better to people than actual books. Many people become intrigued by books simply because of the stimulating, beautiful covers they sport. A career in book cover design is an incredibly specialized field and will require dedication to pairing literature with aesthetic appeal.

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