Top 10 direct Selling Companies in India

There are many various methods of marketing and promoting to the customers the one of the method is direct selling method which is also known as MLM which is multi level marketing. In this type of marketing here there is no middle man in world it is only of direct selling process. Let us see Top 10 direct Selling Companies in India

The main benefit of this method is you will be having high opportunity to earn more commissions which selling their own earning limits. So here seller and the buyer directly will benefit mutually.

Top 10 direct Selling Companies in India

MI lifestyle marketing Private limited

This marketing is in first position in the top 10 direct selling companies in India this company was established in Chennai in the year 2013, this is a direct selling company which offers with a wide range of lifestyle products and these are directly sold to the consumers. This company which manufactures with high quality products and offers the best value to the user like lifestyle, nutritional products and health are products.


Amway is one of another MLM company which is an American company they sell variety of products such as health beauty and home care markets. This company was founded in 1959, by Jay Van and Richard Devos.


Herbalife is one of the global nutrition companies which have helped people to pursue a healthy and active life this company was started on 1980. Here nutrition, weight management and personal care products are available in this company. Till now there are more than 2.3 million independent associates in and around more than 90 countries.

Forever living products

This company was started in 1978 and the CEO is Rex Maughan. This company Basil manufactures Aleo Vera based drinks and Bee derived cosmetics nutritional supplements and many personal care products. In this company there are more than 4000 employees in a network of 9.3 million distributors and the turnover is of 1.7 dollar billion.


Vestige marketing company is also one of the leading most MLM companies which deals with world class healthcare and personal care products. This company is one of the constantly growing company year by year.  In this company the growth rate itself will speak volume regarding the quality of the products; the main achievement of this company is marketing plan.

Naswiz retails

This is also one of the direct selling registered companies. Here in this company dress materials home appliances personal care products are manufactured.

Win nature international Private limited

This company was established in 2015 and here ayurvedic products are manufactured which is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Pure nature products manufactured in order to achieve sound health for an individual’s by physically and mentally.


Tupperware is one of the leading global marketing industry here many innovative premium products are produced and it has been become very famous in various multiple brands utilizing such as kitchen materials, beauty products and personal care products.

Modi care

This company was started in 1996 which is the modi group of industries. Here skin care, personal care, home care and health products are sold. The founder and manager of modi care is Mr Samir modi.


Oriflame is one of the MLM Company which was founded in India 1967. Here beauty and cosmetics products are introduced in this company.

These are the Top 10 direct Selling Companies in India . Do you have more ?? please reply via comment .

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