3 Ways Storage Solutions Can Improve Your Home

A home can become very cluttered over time. Some may argue that it is due to bad decision making and not parting with the old as we buy the new. The fact is, though, we have treasured items that we would never part with. This is because they have been passed down by former generations. There is a solution for needing to keep more than we can comfortably accommodate and that is to hire a storage space away from our home.

3 Ways Storage Solutions Can Improve Your Home

In terms of the local storage units available to hire, you might want to consider something like a 5 x 10 storage unit in El Paso.

Now we shall consider the solution of self-storage, along with other ways that will mean we can improve the storage within our home.

Self-Storage Units

One way to solve the problem of space, when we amass too many items, is to put a proportion of them into self-storage. We can decide which ones, according to factors such as the season we are in, whether an item is currently being used, or whether we simply want a change of style. We might decide to house precious items in a self-storage unit knowing that they are secure.

Anything housed in a self-storage unit will be in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, so in some cases it might be better than storing item at home, depending on your heating system. Some antique items do not take kindly to fluctuating temperatures and will benefit from a constant environment.

To accommodate a home office during the pandemic, many have had to look to save space somewhere else within their home. The spare bedroom has had to become the office, either temporarily or permanently, for some. This has meant that other items have needed to be accommodated elsewhere. A solution has been to send them to self-storage. Even if there is a garage or shed space to accommodate them, they will store better because these units are temperature controlled for all-year-round item protection.


What we mean here is using pieces of furniture for two purposes to save on space. For instance, you can use a chest to store items inside and as a surface on the flat top. This makes it good to avoid domed chests if you want them to be multi-functional. Even the top can have two purposes when we can have ornaments displayed on it or eat off the surface with a cloth on top. 

Fitted Environments

Fitted kitchens and bathrooms are a good way of saving space. Everything in a fitted kitchen will be designed to fit together with no wasted space.

Bathrooms with shower units will make better use of space than baths. You may decide to change this aspect of your bathroom because of how much space a bath is taking up. But then, some like to have a long, hot soak in a bath. It all depends on whether you prefer to keep that pleasure or look at the practicalities of a shower as a way of keeping clean. A shower is a quick washing solution before or after work.

Fitted wardrobes do not stand out from the wall as they are inset. This allows more space in the bedroom for activities such as getting dressed or adding additional furniture like sofas, if you have a big enough room.

We can, therefore, consider that for us to solve our storage problems at home, we will need to embrace self-storage facilities that are near us. Sometimes, we just have to admit to ourselves that we simply have too many items to accommodate just now. That situation may change in the future, of course, but storage facilities buy us the time to decide. 

Then we can also look to double-up furniture use within our home, as that can help reduce taking up a lot of space. Although, some furniture may need to still go into self-storage facilities. The day or night access to our items, that local self-storage facilities provide, will mean that we can still access our things, like when we need some chairs urgently for a last-minute party we agreed to host. Also, we could look at fitted situations where we make better use of space, as detailed above. There is much we can do to solve the problem everyone has at home – a lack of space.

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