10 Fun And Easy Ways To Make A Lot Of Money


Making a quick buck is something that all people have wanted to do at some point or another. Not all of these ways are what one would consider the most fun of options. Making a lot of money and having fun is the dream of many people. The following are the best ways that are fun and easy that can lead a person to making a lot of money.

Make Your Car A Moving Billboard

Many people have now heard of making their car a moving advertisement. With the prevalence of this knowledge out, more and more people are applying to get their car wrapped in advertisements. This is making the companies more selective but if you are eligible then you should give it a try! Make sure to negotiate the best contractual terms as possible.

Planning Weddings

This is a great option for somebody in the hospitality industry who is organized. Planning weddings takes quite a lot of organization and a person planning a wedding freelance can charge much less than a regular planner.

Become A Personal Assistant

There is a large community of the elderly who need help going shopping or even just out on the town. Your first customers will tell their friends and become a referral chain for the assistant. Concentrating on the elderly community activities to get your name out is a great way to get started.

Dog Walking

Many people go to work and do not have time to take their dog out on a walk during lunch or noontime. If you are a person with some extra time or even work night shifts. Walking dogs is great for the animal love and you might find yourself becoming your neighborhood’s primary dog walker.


If you have an extra room that you do not want to rent out all year then renting it out for specific weekends or days can bring in quite a lot of cash. For example, someone who has a home in Daytona might rent their home out and stay with family for the weekend of the Daytona 500. This can bring in thousands of dollars in just one week depending on the demand and what the owner wants to charge combined with how great the home is!

Taking Shots At Online Gaming

There are plenty of games online that can be played to win money. Besides mastering a game and competing in tournaments there are online sportsbooks. These can generate quite a lot of income for the proficient bettor.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are great for those with extra time or make their own work schedule. If you have strong opinions and can verbalize them then the focus groups will notice. Often times a company puts together multiple focus groups so making your opinions stand out and be as detailed as possible can help your chances for being picked again increase.

Sell Old Stuff

Selling your old stuff can be a fun walk down memory lane and also profitable. This will not only make your home much less cluttered but the extra cash couldn’t hurt. Using sites like eBay and Craigslist are easy ways to find buyers for all of your old stuff.

Freelance Writing

If you consider yourself a great or even good writer there is a demand for that skill online. There are many content production companies that will be willing to pay you. Make sure you research these companies as some can be much more relaxed about payment than others.

Take Online Surveys

There are many online survey websites that pay a good amount. Weeding through the websites that are bad is a must and looking at reviews for the good ones is important as well. Sitting behind the screen of your computer can earn major cash in a short amount of time.

As you can see making extra money can be fun as well. Not all ways of making extra money have to be back breaking work. What are some of the types of fun thing do you do for extra money?

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