What is the process to change the name and date of birth on PAN Card?

Permanent Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric code which is issued in the form of a card by an Income Tax Department in India. PAN card allow the Income Tax Department to track all the transaction of a person. PAN is necessary for the filling of Income Tax Return, depositing cash more than Rs.50 thousand, opening a bank account, obtaining telephone connection, etc. It is necessary for all the persons and entities in India to obtain a PAN card. Sometimes, change in a name of PAN card maybe require due to the number of reason including marriage, misspelled name in PAN card, change the name and any other reason. In this article, we are going to tell you the procedure for PAN card date of birth change in India, with an emphasis on the after marriage PAN card name change procedure.

There is a different situation when you have to change your personal information in identification cards, records, and IDs. It will happen when an individual decides to achieve a new name or a women gets married or divorced.

A Permanent Account Number which is issued to taxpayers in India. It counters tax evasion and it is used for opening bank accounts, professional payments and receiving salaries and some other transaction which include monetary issues.

PAN Card Name Change

PAN name change may be required detail because of the various reasons. Some of the common reason for change includes divorce, marriage, misspelled a name, change of name and others. The PAN card name procedure is simple and it will be performed by filling a form for PAN card name change through NSDL or TIN. The fees for requesting the PAN Card change is Rs.105 and in any case, the PAN card has to mail abroad, an additional charge of Rs.866 is applicable.

Complete the PAN Card Name Change Form

PAN Card Name Change form can be printed and complete it or submit it online. While submitting and printing the request for the name change, it is important to remember to:

  • Fill the complete form in English with a black pen.
  • Mention the allotted PAN in the place of providing.
  • Place the two recent color photos in the place of providing.
  • Sign the box provided and across the photo.

Documents require for PAN Card Name Change

In the addition of application some of these following documents must be submitted as the supporting documents:

  • Marriage Invitation
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate which is issued by a Gazetted officer
  • Copy of passport showing Husband’s name
  • Publication of name change in official Gazette


So, this is our article and I hope after reading this article you will get all the knowledge about how to change your name on PAN card. If still, you have any suggestion and have any query, then comment in the comment box which is available at the end of this page.

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