Understanding How Credit Unions Work


Credit unions exist all over the world. They are institutions that want to provide fairer ways of lending to people who become members. They have quite old fashioned values, having been established through the workers and union movements. However, although they have quite old values, they use very modern technology. For instance, most credit unions now offer mobile payment options, which is the latest form of payment.

Credit unions are based on having a shared purpose and unity. It is about trusting in each other. In essence, they are community institutions created to improve the lives of individual members. In a credit union, members are known by their names, as are their families, and not by numbers on a computer system.

The We Florida Financial credit union is one of the most popular ones around. All 43 counties and Florida are covered by this particular credit union. Membership is open to anybody, business or personal, of any age. There are also no fees to join the credit union. However, you do have to make a $5 deposit, which will remain yours, in order to be able to access the various services offered by the credit union.

Services offered by a Credit Union

Different credit unions offer different services. We Florida Financial offers:

  • Personal accounts
  • Business accounts
  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Real estate, business and personal services to help people manage their money

How Long before You Can Apply for a Loan?

A lot of people join credit unions because they want to apply for a loan. As soon as membership has been started, you can actually start an application for a loan. Additionally, the process of applying and being accepted is very easy. With a union like We Florida Financial, applications can be made both over the telephone and online.

What Can a Credit Union Do in Terms of Auto Loans?

If you are looking for auto loans through Florida Credit Union, you will be happy to know they have frequent special offers on to make the various deals even better for you. In fact, they currently give everybody who enters into a car, motorcycle, RV or boat loan will automatically receive a $100 Visa gift card.

Car loans are available for all types of purchasing options, including private parties, dealerships, lease contracts or refinancing loans (including external loans). The currently available packages include:

  • Financing as much as 100% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on new vehicles.
  • Financing as much as 100% of the National Automobile Dealers Associations suggested retail value of second hand and used vehicles.
  • Refinancing at a better rate for people who are currently on a poorer loan rate.

Additionally, We Florida Financial currently offers a loyalty discount. This means that further benefits in the form of discounts can be achieved. Borrowing through a credit union is always said to be one of the cheapest and fairest methods of borrowing money, except perhaps going to friends and family. If you are in need of some extra money, this may be something you want to consider.

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