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The following article explains in detail about Top 8 methods to make money on the internet .This unique list is entirely based on the methods that I have personally used and i can reveal the methods and results. These methods represent experience of 10 years of working online approximately.

This is not only the way to make money on the internet. There are many other ways to earn money online but in this many of there are potentially more profitable or they may be the best choices. You should not take decisions on these adopting methods, do research and include this as one of potential resources.This list is in the chronological order from the past 10 years. Over the 10 years there are many changes on making money on the internet to get closer to the business

TOP 8 ways to make money on the internet :

Sell ​​on eBay

I personally believe that eBay is the best way to increase their experience in making money on the internet for two reasons:
– It is easy enough that you bring to an end for few sales and then you have experience with a transaction
– eBay has the traffic, so no need to worry about the marketing for your product for an ad. These two reasons

Make eBay to be the first great step because you will learn how to sell something online, how to get money (possibly this will also be your first experience with PayPal) and the importance of things such as titles and copy writing,the drafting of texts that will make your ad, especially if you use the time to study what words are better for more conversions (sales) from your listings.

The best thing about eBay is even worse: the abundant traffic. It ‘s easy to subscribe to eBay and everyone can do it. This means on the one hand and a lot of potential customers, other means more competition between people who sell the same items. And when the competition is high profit margins become narrower. So unless you do not have to sell a niche product or you have a large volume of items to sell you can be sure that you’re not going to retire rich using eBay.

Sell ​​products on the forums, on ad sites and communities

A little ‘as eBay, just that, thanks to the fact that these sites do not charge any fees eBay, leave you more profit.

Sell ​​products from your own website

The great thing about having your own website is that if word gets out, you can become famous in the sale of certain types of products (whether you have products that many people have a lower price, either you sell niche products, whether you give a good customer service).

Advertise on a content site

In the past I have created a site for fans of comics and saw that I was experiencing a decent amount of traffic of visitors. I was thinking how I could monetize the traffic I received. The answer can be found in the banner advertising. Although at that time was quite difficult to find a company that would make me some site sponsors, I was able to get us out of a few hundred euro each month by simply contacting companies that I thought might be a good target for my readers. I sent the emails to these companies asking them to pay me a small fee each month to put their banner on my site. Many told me no, but I found even those who accepted my offer and at the end I had a couple of loyal sponsors.

I highly recommend you use this method if you have some sort of web-based content (like a blog for instance) or a community that attracts enough traffic to be worth a potential sponsor to pay you. The best thing about banners is that they do not need to replace any of the other methods you use to make money on the internet. You can use this source of revenue coupled with others.

Sell ​​services you provide personally

at some point in my life when my earnings were not consistent and I still have some independence. I put an ad in some classifieds websites and people sent me by email texts in Italian and I was translating them making me to pay for every N words translated. Obviously, the possibility of using this method are numerous and are based on your skills and knowledge.

Sell ​​services from other people

This point is as above, except that ​​to cover the areas where your knowledge and skills do not come. The secret is to get good sources so that you will be able to include in the figure to paid a fair commission for you without making the final price exaggerated than the competition.

Paid Reviews

If you have a site that produces a lot of traffic, you can invite people to write reviews about their products or services so that you can be paid to drive traffic to their sites thanks to yours, to introduce a product or service offered and then bring popularity.

Affiliate Marketing

As the traffic to my blog grew I started to test a method of making money on the internet to which some time ago I was developing a decent interest affiliate marketing. My first test was successful. The commissions generated all affiliate marketing have become my second highest source of income and all this thanks to the large number of people like you who are reading these words.

The Affiliate Marketing I think it’s one of the few ways on which, if it is well developed, you can live well as being a scalable system, you can automate with the right tools and can lead to higher profit margins.

The only things to do here is to understand the market niche in which to enter, that is, with what products and / or services, build an audience around this subject and maintain a good relationship with your readers so that they have confidence in what you say . If you know something that other people want to know and are prepared to give them this information you may have in your hands very lucrative opportunity.

Only these methods along trying to figure out what I wanted to actually base my business model and then combining them I could realize what worked best to maximize my income and my personal satisfaction. So what I recommend is to follow a similar path to build your business. Try to understand what you like to do using the methods that I have written above, and other online resources, begins to test some strategies to see what works and refine techniques that you like the most and give you more personal satisfaction and to insist achieve the goal that you have set from the beginning: make money on the internet.

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