How to Attract More Clients for Your Business


Are you finding yourself in a bit of a slump? Remarketing to the same client base every week, with a mediocre newsletter that has a dismal click through rate? Or Facebook posts with no likes that leave you feeling like kid with no friends on the playground? It’s easy to slip into the grove of marketing constantly to the same clients. After all, they’ve bought previously or buy frequently from you, they’re a captive audience, and you have their contact information. But, I’m sorry to tell you this; customers are a fickle beast and they’re loyalty can’t be counted on, especially if you work in B2C.

While your strategies of entertaining and reselling to your existing customers are both admirable and necessary, you need to be focusing on attracting new clients for your business to allow your company to grow and change with the times and provide long term growth for your employees.

Update Your Website

Here’s the first thing to remember; your website is your main (or only way) of communicating with your clients. If you have broken links, sections under construction, outdated images, or irrelevant content, you might just about manage to keep hold of a few faithful customers, but you sure as heck won’t be able to attract new ones. Making sure that all your contact, estimate and online forms work correctly is crucial. After all, how are prospective clients meant to contact you if they can’t get hold of you?

Content is King

While this phrase coined by Bill Gates is bleated out repeatedly by any marketing guru today, those three little words, as obnoxious as they sound, are actually true. Without good content, you won’t convert clients. Without interesting, shareable blog posts and social posts, you won’t generate traffic to your site and without keywords, Google and other search engines won’t list your site.

So make sure that your content is of high quality and with the right balance of keywords and natural, flowing text. Also, approximately 400-500 word minimum for an on-site webpage is generally agreed to be Google’s current requirement.

Search Engine Optimization

Another term that brings out a groan from many people, a little SEO goes a long way into increasing your SERP and building traffic to your site. Make sure that you either take a basic course in SEO, or hire a professional agency to ensure that white hat SEO tactics are used, to avoid Google penalties.

Search today is local and you need someone who understands that the search terms used in Canada aren’t the same as the ones used in the States. Local SEO is important in attracting clients from different regions to your site.

Generate More Traffic

Generating more traffic means that you need to have all your social media profiles active, your blog up-to-date with engaging, interesting content, and that you’ll need to create links with complementary sites that point to your site. Conduct an analysis on your competitors to find out what they’re doing. Do they have better CTAs (calls to action) than you?

Do they have a Partners page with a link exchange program? Are the offering better incentives? Check out what’s trending on Twitter or any of your industry sites and try to create a topic that will be of interest to possible clients. If you want to get more customers, you need to get more traffic. And if you want them to stay on your page and convert, you’ll need to keep their interest and convince them that your company is for them.

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