What is Groupon Pages ?


groupon pages

Most people are familiar with using Groupon.com to find amazing deals at everybody’s favorite places. On the contrary, not many people know about Groupon Pages. Groupon Pages is an expansion of the already popular and successful coupon service, except it takes everything to an entirely different level.

What is Groupon Pages?

The easiest way to explain Groupon Pages, is by comparing it to a complete “travel guide” you may use when visiting a new city for the first time, even in your own city. On Groupon Pages, individual businesses have pages where there are reviews, tips, recommendations, info (hours, reservations, etc.), and of course, a list of current deals. For example, if you live in Denver and your family is planning to go out to eat, but you can’t think of, or agree on the right restaurant, you can search Groupon Pages to help narrow your choices. Simply go to Groupon.com, select your city and hit search! If you know you want pizza or sushi, you can make your search more specific from the beginning.

Why Do You Need to Know About Groupon Pages?

In addition to providing you with all the information about a business you could possibly need to know, Groupon Pages allows you can set reminders or notifications for your favorite places. This way, instead of constantly searching to see what great deals you can find, Groupon makes it easier, and sends you a reminder anytime one of your personal favorites has a special promotion; now you won’t have to worry about missing out on a deal because you forgot to check!

Groupon Pages has profile pages for all kinds of businesses… and it’s growing daily. Next time you simply don’t know, can’t agree, or are planning something special, search Groupon Pages for some help deciding. In the end it will also help your savings account!

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