Tips for Choosing a Private Money Lender

Over the years, private money lenders have been the go-to solution for those who do not qualify for conventional financing. Private loan borrowing for real estate is especially a great way to secure a deal.

Tips for Choosing a Private Money Lender

What are private money loans?

Private money loans are loans given to an individual or company by a private organization or a wealthy individual. The lender is known as a private money lender.

While private commercial loans are often a quick financial fix with a range of benefits, choosing the right lender can be quite challenging.

Here are some things to consider when securing private commercial loans.


What rates does the moneylender offer, and is it a great deal compared to what other lenders offer? It would be best to shop around and choose a lender whose rates are competitive. It would also help keep in mind that private loans normally acquire higher rates than conventional loans.

Additional fees

Are there other costs included in the loan that you haven’t considered? Most private money loans have plenty of extra costs such as legal fees, documentation costs, etc. As such, it would be in your best interest to find out if the lender charges these fees and go for the one that doesn’t.

Loan flexibility

Before choosing a lender, ensure the terms are on paper and that you are comfortable with them. In some cases, loan terms can be adjusted according to your particular funding needs, exit strategy, etc. Regardless, private loan lenders are more flexible than conventional lenders.


When acquiring a loan, you want to deal with a trustworthy person who won’t dupe you. Therefore, take time to do a quick background check of potential lenders. You can get this kind of information online, from previous clients, or by dropping by their website.

Additionally, ensure that the lender has been around for a while and build a good reputation.

The benefit of choosing an experienced lender is apart from giving you a loan; they could also offer advice and even recommend the best contractors, budgets, etc. So, it’s usually a double win.

Your financial situation

Even if you get the best loan deal, you still have to weigh the higher interest rate into your profits. To get the best of these loans, it would be best to have a compact team of subcontractors, development plans, and so on and anticipate being done with the investment property sometime before a year ends.

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