The Facts: Process Serving and How it Works


Process serving is an area of the law that private investigators are heavily involved in. It requires knowledge of tracking someone down, effective communication skills, and a knowledge of the law. Firms such as process servers Denver represent people who know about all three of these and, due to this, have helped many clients receive the justice they sought.

What is Process Serving?

Process serving is all about one party giving another party, who are both connected to a lawsuit, sufficient notice of court proceedings. Deadlines must be met in this respect and the papers served within the correct legal guidelines. It is not something to get wrong and so a reason to hire a professional to serve such papers. The law is precise and ignorance of it is never considered a reasonable excuse that will win you any friends in a courtroom.

When is Process Serving Required?

Process serving will include the issuing of summons for someone to appear in court, subpoenas for those who are required to testify in court, writs, and formal complaints. A process server will deliver bankruptcy petitions, statutory demands, divorce petitions, family and court proceedings, and claim forms. There is a long list and process servers know how best to deliver all of them.

Why Hire a Process Server?

A process server will know about delivering a variety of legal documents and so they will be the best person for the job. Also, it is not just about serving legal documents in a correct and timely manner, but often the need to track down a person first to hand or deliver to them that document. If the person cannot be traced then often legal proceedings cannot take place. Not to hire a process server is to risk justice not happening at all, or a legal loophole getting in the way of the process which does not benefit the right party.

Is any Danger Involved in Process Serving?

The fact is that there is much danger involved for process servers. It is not for the light-hearted, one might say. This is why you would not be wanting to take on the job yourself. Your safety and welfare are more important than any amount of money that you would pay out to hire a process server.

The danger exists when some people take out their anger on anyone involved in bringing their case to court. Nobody likes to receive bad news and there is more at stake when a court case is involved. It can involve reputations, finances, and the ability to continue life as we remember it, or how it once was. So, emotions will run high. Process servers, however, are used to dealing with such difficult situations due to their training and experience. Advanced communication skills are required to win the day and process servers have these in abundance.

Process servers are excellent at reading threatening or dangerous situations due to their years of experience and so will know when it is time to call for backup to help deliver their papers. Others may not know when it is time to pull away and so end up in potentially life-threatening situations in trying to obtain their justice. So, always leave it to the professionals to stay safe. Those defending themselves from what they see as threatening to them, such as being handed a document saying that they need to appear in court, can act extremely aggressively.

Signs private investigators see as threatening body language will include a violent stare or sneer, pursed lips, or certain non-aggressive facial expressions that would seem to suppress other areas of the body that seem angry. It is all about reading a situation when actions can speak louder than words. A violent action does not have to involve a fist, as pent-up anger manifests itself in different ways before that happens. The important thing is to know when someone is about to strike. Anyway, there is no need to worry about any of this when private investigators are taking care of the legal process of serving documents.

In conclusion, process serving is not as easy a task as some might think. It has its legalities and its dangers. It is important that legal procedures are followed and that the safety of the people handing over the documents is always maintained. Tracking individuals can also be a part of the process, meaning that private investigators who offer process serving are ideally suited to the job.

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