The Affordability of Living in Hancock Park, LA

The Affordability of Living in Hancock Park, LA

Have you ever considered living in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California? Well, this article will look into just what it is like in terms of affordability and what there is to enjoy for our investment in the area.

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Cost of Living in Hancock Park, LA

The housing costs are high in Los Angeles when compared to the rest of the US. For example, in January 2020, apartments that were rented in LA would cost an average of $2,545, which is almost double that of the national average of $1,463. In exchange, though, you are living in an exclusive place where there is much to enjoy. As long as you earn at least $74,371 per year, it is thought that you can live comfortably in LA. Also, when you think that London is 18 percent more expensive than Los Angeles, it dawns on you that it is not the most expensive part of the world, but instead, the select part of America. The most expensive city in the world for overseas workers is Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, and the cheapest to live in is Memphis, Tennessee.

So, having thought about its cost relative to other places, let us see what else might attract us to LA.

Quality of Living

Hancock Park is considered one of the best places that we can live in California. This is because its residents are offered the urban-suburban mix. The many young professionals living here will tend to be liberal in their thinking. It is where the young desire to live and you can join them in this living arrangement.

Why Do People Move to LA?

When asked why they moved to LA, people living there will reply that it was for a job, the surf, and because of the movies. It is possible to move here without a job but it does make sense to make sure that there are jobs in your field before you do.

Some of the fastest-growing jobs that were reported in California in only 2019 included wind turbine technician, miner, rod buster, web developer, roofer, statistician, and pipe insulator. So, there is a wide variety here, and very likely to be something in your field. If you plan to find a job when you arrive, then there are staffing companies and temp agencies to service your needs. Networking is also a great way to find a job, given that LA is such an expansive and competitive place. Also, going online will be a great source before you travel.

The entertainment is good in LA because holding dinner parties is the thing. In LA, time works differently from many other parts of the world, as arriving late is accepted because of the traffic here. So, if you are into things happening just when they happen and prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, LA is definitely for you.

Overall, the weather in LA is considered to be sunny and comfortable. Just the odd rainy day as you would experience regularly in many other parts of the country. Waking up to the sun shining is certainly a motivator when it comes to working and productivity. In terms of holidays, you are already somewhere where you can enjoy the warm temperatures.

LA is a place you can dress down if you like to feel casual in everything that you do. This allows you to take a minimalistic approach when it comes to your wardrobe. Just wearing shorts and sandals will not turn any heads in LA. Sunglasses, however, are a must.

In terms of getting your exercise, which can be free, you can easily make a 1-hour hike part of your daily routine. Moving here can represent a complete lifestyle change.

So, if you have the budget, then LA has much to offer.

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