Demand of Tungsten Wedding Rings is growing

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When the time comes for expressing commitment and love, couples exchange wedding rings. This symbolization of love is practiced for centuries. Wedding rings are generally made of precious metals like gold or silver. Sometimes, the ring is engraved with costly gemstone like a diamond. You can see that the ingredients used for designing a wedding ring lead to soaring up of prices. However, these days, couples prefer to wear rings that are not only economical but also durable. This is where the tungsten wedding rings come into play.

Tungsten Wedding Rings Becoming Popular Among Men

In the past, jewelries were considered to be women’s best friends. It was the implications of mythology that gave the perception that women should adorn their body parts with jewelries.

Now, the concept of wearing jewelries has changed and in future more developments would be witnessed. Wearing jewelries have become important to express oneself. This attitude is directly connected with fashion psychology. That is why men have started expressing themselves by wearing tungsten wedding bands. By wearing tungsten wedding rings, men want to show respect to their life partners. Other than expressing love, there are other reasons why the demand of wearing such wedding rings is rising among men.
Tungsten Wedding Rings Are Scratch Resistant

Rings made gold or silver can be worn during certain occasions. These metals are somewhat soft. Therefore, these metals develop scratch when subjected to harsh conditions.

On the other hand, tungsten is strong as compared to gold or silver. It would not be a problem if a person wearing a tungsten ring is engaged in laborious activities.

A person working at the factory can wear a tungsten ring and perform a task like filing, drilling and other laborious tasks. During the work, if the ring comes in contact with any abrasive substance, it would not develop scratch.

Tungsten Wedding Ring Holds Shine

Wedding rings made of gold or silver cannot hold their shine when used for a long time. If a person wears a gold ring and works in an acidic environment, then the jewelry develops a corrosive appearance that results in loss of shine. On the other hand, wedding rings made of tungsten can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its shine.

Maintaining Tungsten Rings is Economical

When you wear a jewelry made of gold, the appearance becomes dull with the passage of time. Therefore, you need to approach the jeweler who would polish the ring with special procedures. These procedures are expensive.

On the other hand, maintaining a ring made of tungsten is not expensive. You can perform DIY methods to keep the ring clean. Just a few drops of soapy water and a clean piece of cloth are sufficient to keep the ring tidy.

Tungsten Rings are Strong

Wedding rings made of gold or silver are brittle. Therefore, these rings cannot be worn in situations dealing with heavy work. Tungsten is made strong by blending with carbon. If you land a hammer on a tungsten carbide ring, it would not develop dents.

Various Shapes and Designs

Jewelries made of gold have limited shapes and sizes. As the gold is brittle, craftsmen cannot exploit their creativity in full swing. On the other hand, tungsten is a hard metal. It can withstand high temperature. That is why you can get tungsten wedding rings that are designed with laser engraving procedures. With the laser engraving techniques, various designs can be made in short time.

These are the reasons the popularity of tungsten wedding rings is rising. With these rings, men can easily symbolize love for their wives. Other than wedding norms, men have found these rings useful for making trendy stylish statements.

Author Bio – Dennis Jackson is a jewelry store owner. He also offers consulting services to men on choosing right tungsten wedding bands.

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