Christmas rush: ways to get fast money for shopping

With the upcoming holiday season, many families are starting to worry about covering the cost of Christmas. As you know, it’s possible to cut the expenses without cutting out the fun. Here are some tips to have a festive yet frugal Christmas.

Of course, cash advance or other alternative loan providers are always possible to buy those long-deserved gift, add more foods & drinks on the dinner table, or even renovate the house before the holidays.

Assess your present list. As you begin considering where to buy those wish list, you may want to sit down first with your family and friends and broach the subject of presents. Agree with some friends not to exchange gifts this year, or set a price limit for family gifts, specifically those for adults. You can go as far as having a “children only” rule, or have a maximum of one gift per family member.

Invest enough time for your holiday preparations. Who hasn’t experienced running out for a gift at the last minute and end up paying more than necessary. Whether you’re shopping, wrapping presents, or baking, budgeting your time – starting early can save you time and can even end up saving you a lot of money.

Make use of vouchers and group-buying sites. See if you have any unused gift vouchers and make the most of any reward points you’ve earned thus far on loyalty cards where you shop for goods. This technique can be far better value if you convert your points into vouchers, rather than cashing them all in at the till. Group buying sites, which are plenty online are famous for showcasing top gift ideas, vacations, services and other stuff for up to 95% savings. Pretty neat, huh?

Consider switching your supermarket. Buying the festive food is definitely an expensive business, so try and look at other supermarkets in your area to see if they have holiday discounts or giveaways that your favourite supermarket doesn’t.

Buy only what’s necessary. Many of us will have a LOT of leftover after Christmas night. Most hosts will want to put on a plentiful table, but it’s very easy to overestimate the amount that people tuck away. If you want to avoid wasting food and money, portion your food well. Websites like lovefoodhatewaste, for instance, can help you calculate food portions.

Send something nicer, yet less pricey. If you want to give a gift without spending a lot of money, then turn on your more useful skills. Do you bake? Make an extra batch as a present for a neighbour. Are you an expert in knitting? Make some bonnet or cool arts for use as gifts. Same with everyone with handicraft skills

End Note

Regardless of the type of celebration you’re having, keeping the holiday’s theme and message front and centre is a perfect antidote to the holiday hassles. Instead of spending your time stressing over what to buy, where to go, and how to celebrate, it would be a lot better gift to spend your time with the family.

Keep in mind that you can take out a cash advance for all your needs if a frugal holiday celebration won’t cut it, or if you really need the extra financing to create something special for yourself or your loved one. Christmas comes only once a year, so make it count.

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