Know about Binary Options One Touch Strategy

Whether you are a newbie to the field of binary options trading or just begin with the education of different techniques of binary, it is beneficial for you to get aware of all techniques and grows the monthly profit. So, here we are providing you info and required details about the simplest binary types that are binary option one touch strategy.
Know about Binary Options One Touch Strategy

It develops your skills if you acquaint yourself with easy to use strategy as used in the trading world.  One-touch is the common option for the binary trade.  Many traders are offering these trades, but maybe your broker may not offer the same. After high or low, the most popular type of trade is binary options one touch strategy. Do you how does it work? 

In the case of High or low strategy, you are predicting the direction in which the price will move but no calculation how much a price will move to win. It can move a little or a more and you will get profit if you have chosen the right direction. But the case may not be the same in one touch strategy as you need to predict both directions of price and the speed at which the price will travel. A goal price is listed alongside the expiry time in one touch trade at which the price will reach before expiry.

Example of One Touch Binary Option

If the current price of EUR is $1.39. A 300% payout is offered by binary options brokerage for the binary options one touch strategy with a spike in price to $1.40 in the next five minutes. After keeping a record of price movement, the trader predicts that the price will rise to $1.40 within the next five minutes and decides to invest $100 to buy this option.

If the EUR goes up to $1.40 in the coming five minutes, then the trader will get 300% of the invested amount that is $300. If not, on the other side, then they lost the whole invested amount of $100. It is noteworthy that it does not matter whether the price spikes to $1.50 or drop down to $1.00, the profit or loss attached will be fixed of $300 and $100 respectively.

Why trading with one touch strategy?

The binary options one touch strategy is the productive one attached to a lot of positive aspects. Here, we are sharing some of the benefits of this strategy and read them carefully if these are some favorites of yours. Let us have a look at these below. 

  • The highest payouts are proffered by one touch strategy.
  • The value changes in such a way that it will grow your profit. In comparison with other 60 seconds binary options, this one is the better option and the risk will be low as well.
  • This method relies on the changes, events, as well as movements from the money market.

This is all about one-touch strategy that you need to know before start investment.                

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